How to Breed Your Gouldian Finches

"Gouldian Finches are beautiful birds typically found in the wilds of northern Australia. It is not easy to keep and breed gouldian finches as they are more difficult to maintain unlike their finch counterpart, the zebra and society finches which are very social and hardy birds.

Keeping gouldian finches are not for the novice bird enthusiast or people who do not have enough knowledge with gouldians. Several methods have been tested in breeding gouldian finches successfully in captivity.

??? In breeding gouldian finches, you must select for a pair that are sexually mature or at least 6 to 9 months of age.

??? The pair must be of the same specie and unrelated to each other.

??? The pair of gouldian finches must be physically healthy and without any physical defects.

??? The pair must be bonded or compatible with each other.

You can physically observe for the compatibility of each pair of finches by using the following steps:

??? The pair of gouldians is not compatible if they become aggressive to one another. You may see them beak fencing or chasing one another, an indication that they don't like each other. You must remove one of the birds and replace it with new one then observe again for compatibility.

??? If the male gouldian is interested in his new mate, he will immediately start courting the hen. You will notice that he will stand tall while staring at the hen and will start singing. The hen in return if interested will then bow its head and move side to side as if dancing to the whistling of the male. This actions shows compatibility between the pair.

??? Another option in testing the compatibility of the pair of gouldian finches is by observing them near nightfall. They will rest beside each other if they get along together but will rest separate on the perch if they are not compatible.

Observing the gouldian finches in their mating ritual is an interesting site to see. Gouldian Finches are private birds and their copulation most often occurs inside their nest. Breeding gouldian finches are best during the fall and winter season, and a special diet must be given to them.

??? You must start giving them a high protein diet. Female gouldians needs additional calcium. A diet of egg-mix (boiled egg, chopped shell and blended with finely chopped vegetables) must be given daily before the hen first laid her eggs until the babies finish their first molt.

??? You can also provide cuttlebone inside their cage for unlimited source of calcium anytime. It is also very important not to disturb the gouldians during the incubation period or keep their cage or aviary in a low traffic area of your house as active environment may scare the parents and abandon the babies."

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