Decorate Pet Bird Cages With Bird Toys

Bird toys like ladders are available in abundance in shops. Toys that can decorate the bird cages as well as amuse the birds can easily be made at home also. People love to own birds. To keep these pet birds safe, they need cages. And to keep the birds happy within the confinement of cages, they have to be given toys to play with. Always remember that when you are putting birds within cages, you are cutting them off from their natural habitat, and heavily curtailing their space for movement. 

The downsides of this incarceration can be undone by keeping a bird inside good bird cages and providing it with enough bird toys.  When out in the wild, birds use their beaks and claws a lot while foraging for food. In addition to that they may nip at anything that catches their fancy or may chew twigs. 

They are deprived of all these natural exercises when they live within bird cages because even their food is served to them as if they are eating at a restaurant. To make up for this paucity of beak and claw exercises, they have to be given Bird toys at which they can nip and scratch.  Bird toys will be available in abundance with pet shops that sell bird cages. Different types of plastic or rope ladders known as dragon-wood ladders, bridge ladders, bend ladders, or rainbow ladders do a fine job inside cages as toys. Rainbow ladders are available in multiple colors. Bridge ladders and bend ladders are mostly horizontally placed. Birds can perch on these toys as well as nibble at them. All these toys come with hooks at the ends so that they can be easily hung inside the cages. 

Besides the bird toys available in the market, anyone can make toys at home. Coconut shells colored with harmless vegetable dyes will make good toys. Those who have access to palm trees like coconut can fold and pleat its elongated leaves into fiddles, snakes, balls, or arches and put one or two inside the bird cages every day. Nipping on such natural products is absolutely harmless for birds. These leafy toys will be very economical as well because they can be thrown away everyday and replaced with fresh ones. Lengths of colored ribbons can be pleated into patterns and hung around bird cages. They will beautify cages and will also double as bird toys. 

Multicolored merry-go-rounds that are hung atop babies' cradles can be hung on the ceiling of cages as well. These too will do the double job of decorating the cages and being toys. Small plastic containers that birds can open and close will also make good toys. Balls of wool are among the homemade bird toys that birds love to play with. Things that have done even a short stint as toys can never be reclaimed for human use. They breathe their last in bird cages

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