All You Need To Know About The Homemade Chicken Feeder And Incubator

"Raising chicken is a good sustainable income project. Moreover, it is a healthy and productive way of spending your free time. This is because chicken keep the compound free of insects and provide fresh protein-rich eggs. In order to improve the living conditions and productivity of chicken, the farmer should start investing in better methods of raising their poultry. He or she should adopt new ways of feeding the chicken and invest in devices that will maximize their production. This can be achieved by using a homemade chicken feeder and homemade chicken incubator respectively. 

 Homemade incubator 

 Incubators are devices that are used to hatch eggs for experimental purposes or so as to increase the number of chickens in a farm. You can make a homemade incubator using simple materials, such as a box and a heat source. On the other hand, you can decide to come up with a more elaborate assembly that is able to control, not only the temperature, but also the humidity in the incubator. 

 You should design it in such a way that it allows proper circulation of air. Therefore, make openings on the sides of the box and also under it. Use recycled commercial egg trays and egg cartons to hold the eggs in place and install a light bulb to provide warmth. If you want to maximize the number of eggs that hatch, you will have to install temperature and humidity controllers. 

 Homemade feeder 

 Chicken farmers always look for ways to feed their chicken effectively while minimizing the amount of food that goes to waste. There are some commercial feeders that are designed for that purpose. However, they are expensive. So, if you are on a tight budget, it is better to use readily available materials to make homemade feeders. 

 There are two types of homemade feeders that are commonly used. They are the PVC pipe feeders and the bucket feeders. The PVC feeders are made from modified PVC pipes. They prevent the chicken from scratching the food out and have drains that prevent accumulation of water in case of rain. 

 On the other hand Bucket feeders are simpler to construct. Buckets are readily available, so the only cost you incur is for a few of the other parts. Finally, they are able to hold more food, so they do not need constant refilling. 

 Those are some of the basic things you need to know about the homemade chicken incubator and the homemade chicken feeder. They are very reliable and help increase production in a chicken farm. Therefore, every farmer should learn how to make and use them."

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