Great And Easy to Make Mobile Chicken Coop

"Portable chicken pens are great devices for amateur chicken farmers. Not only does it allow you to establish and set up ad hoc chicken coops, but they're also better for the environment, and highly energy efficient.

With your chicken pen, the first thing you want to consider is your location. Where will you be locating the chicken pen? Will it be in an area that is close to town, close to high population density activities, such as high auto traffic, high walking traffic? If that's the case, actually and however, the portable chicken pen may not be advisable, as these pens do not do well in urban settings.

If you're not, you should keep going and ask yourself: what natural environmental features will you be close to? Will you be close to a water feature, such as an ocean front, a river front, a creek front? This is critical, as most counties on the periphery of urban metro areas in the individual states, still regulate these areas, and you'd be surprised to find that there are tight restrictions on the ability to even do personal and amateur farming in these areas. Look up your guide lines and ordinances of the latest and most current developments and events in this regard, with the particular agency's website.

Many of these chicken pens are not set up to make setting up a free and open range very easy for the amateur and hobbyist farmer. Open and free ranges are best for chickens, first and foremost, because it affords the animals a natural way to exercise their joints, stretch their muscles, and cycle through their respiratory organs. Each of these pieces is important and we'll delve into each.

First, you want their joints to get exercise, because like human joints, synovial fluids will begin to solidify if you don't get these exercised. And exercise doesn't happen in chicken coops. So the open and free range model is the way to go when it comes to the chicken's joints. Joints are important to keep healthy, because they in turn keep from afflictions of the skin and muscles from forming-such as contusions, tumors, and other body masses.

With stretching their muscles, this is a scientifically proven beneficial thing to do with muscles of any animal meat. This is done in Japan. With their cattle, relaxation, massages, even physical therapy is common place. This is important to them, because they do not want their meat in a state of fright or terror when they pass, because the meat and muscle do not taste as good, isn't as good for you, and doesn't provide the maximum potential of benefits in terms of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats: all the reasons we as a human species have evolved a taste for meat to begin with, in the first place.

Respiratory exercise, including circulatory exercise is critical for chickens as well. This will decrease the risks and chances of the chickens incurring illnesses and tumors. If the meats and animals we depend to survive are kept healthy, we will be healthier for it."

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