Dog Care 101 - Getting Ready for a Walk

"Getting the dog ready for a walk is something most dog owners really don't do. Many of us think that all we need to get is just the leash and we're ready to step out the dog and take a nice long walk with our pet. Walks may be fun, but they can cause your dog a lot of stress. Preparing for a walk can help minimize stress and it could also get you ready for any unexpected events. Below are a few tips to help you when preparing for a walk. 

 Check the weather 

 It's important that you know how hot or cold it is outside. You don't want to go out for a walk with your dog when it's blistering hot or if there's a storm happening outside. To make it easier, make it a habit to check the weather report during the morning so you'll know what condition the weather will be all day long. 

 Leash on 

 You should have a specific place where you place your dog's leash, and make sure that it's always kept out of their way. Dogs relate their leashes to fun and they'll do anything to get it. Some dogs would even get their leash and walk up to their owners to remind them that it's walk time. Keep the leash somewhere like on top of a drawer near the front door or hanging from hook on the wall so you can easily get it when you want to walk your dog. 


 Make sure you bring water when you go out, especially if its hot out or if you're planning to take a long walk. Before you leave the house, you should also give the dog some water so it won't get easily tiered when walking, especially if it has DM in dogs. Having water around also helps keep you and your dog hydrated. 


 Not all dogs need this, but sometimes they need to protect their paws from the ground or needs more grip when they're walking. Dog boots and shoes can be bought in most pet stores these days and are not just for fashion statements. Most of these have rubber soles which can help the dog get a better grip as they walk. It helps prevent slips and keeps them balanced, which is a big help for pets with DM in dogs."

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