Tips On Choosing The Right Equipment For Horse Riding

"At last your dream has come true and you have purchased a horse. Or maybe your best friend or some of the family members has bought it for you. Still, it's too early to start riding your horse. First of all, you'll need to purchase all the necessary equipment for your horse that will give you not only much attractiveness, but also durability as well as the necessary comfort and safety to you and to your friend. The riding equipment must include the following items: high-quality British made numnahs, the half numnahs, the seat covers and a great variety of different accessories for your horse.

Nowadays, the contemporary market offers a wide range of these horse accessories the major of which include: wool ear plugs, French blinkers, wool leg wraps, girth sleeves, stirrup slipper, breastplate sets, head collar sets, breast check sleeves, and the grooming mitt. In addition, you'll need to buy the wither pad, the nose band cover, and formulations for washing the horse's clothing and bedding. It's recommended to maintain your saddles with specially designed fleece saddle covers for your saddles to always look excellent. By the way, fleece saddle covers are available embroidered.

Due to the fact that the girth sleeve is produced from top-quality British wool it has become very popular among the horse riders. These girth sleeves are extremely comfortable, durable and they offer proper protection to the horse against girth rub all year round. These items are extremely necessary in the case your horse has a sensitive back. The sleeves are available in sizes from 20"" to 50"" and can be ordered with different animal prints including those of the lion, the tiger, the bear, the cow, the elephant or the zebra. Some other horse accessories including the breastplate set are also designed help your horse to prevent abrasion. You can find high wither half numnahs which will be of great help as well. The head collar set consists of four pieces and offers the necessary comfort to the horse during your traveling. As for the breast check sleeve it's produced from wool, the grooming mitt and Velcro. It's used to add more shine to the horse's coat.

Among the other horse accessories there's a wither pad in thick twin layers which is used for the protection of horses from withers. Another horse accessory is the noseband cover produced from pure wool and Velcro that doesn't only offer good look but also a far better focus. Fortunately, the formulations don't cause any allergies, besides, they are not toxic. As for the half numnahs they are made of wool on both sides. This construction ensures excellent leg contact and better cushioning on the pressure points. The half numnahs are also of great help in the reduction of saddle pressure, so it will really relieve your horse from suffering because of an extremely sensitive back."

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