What You Need to Know About The Chicken Tractor Plans

"The portable chicken pen is largely a hobbyist device, used by amateurs to cultivate good chickens for their individual enjoyment and/or culinary satisfaction. The sort of person that invests in this sort of device is typically the sort of person that purchases their own beef, their own hog for their own personal consumption or for use with culinary specialist dinners or meals.

What you need to realize about portable chicken pens is that they're not built to accommodate large scale chicken production. If you're looking to produce a quantity of eggs that's on even an independent grocer's scale, then you cannot use this pen.

However, if you're a hobbyist, looking into the prospect of doing this commercially, this is a great way to tip toe in, and figure out what it's fundamentally about-sort of like learning about the microbrew business by purchasing a test kit to figure out what the fundamental process is all about.

The pens vary in quality and caliber, like everything else. They also vary as much in terms of cost and price. They can be as cheap as $50.00 and be as much as a few thousand U.S. dollars, and it really depends on your level of involvement in this overall project.

When purchasing a pen for the first time, ask yourself: how many chickens do you want; what do you want the chickens for (eggs, meat, as a pet?); when do you plan to get into this project; where will you set up the pen, initially. These questions will begin to carve out your specific and explicit criteria for purchasing a pen. It's good to start this self-interview before you even head out to a pen supplier, in order to flesh and flush out all the possible barriers to entry before you bother the specialist about your pen needs.

Chickens are fickle communities, which you'll learn quickly as you set up operation. The weather has to be just right, and there isn't very much wiggle room about which types of chickens you can grow in what sort of weather.

If you're in the market for a portable pen, then you might also consider a temporary free range, which is relatively cheaper to set up, but is a bit higher maintenance than the portable pen. Again, weather is an issue, and if you're in an area that experiences snow, then this likely will not work for you. But if you're in an area that's more temperate and moderate in climate, then this might work for you. You have to keep your chickens happy, if you want to get chickens that look good, naturally, and taste good if you plan on eating them or their eggs.

Whether free range or portable pen you'll have to consider what it is you'll exactly feed them. There's a wide variety, and it all depends on the species of chicken as well as how hard your stance might be on sustainability."

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