How to Erect a Hen House Important Details

"Constructing a hen house correctly will save you cash and keep your chickens happier and healthier. Manufacturing it incorrectly will normally boost the amount of cash, time, and work you expend on your project and will probably be a factor in increasing diseases and cannibalism among your birds. Put an end to costly mistakes and make it the right way on the first try.

Building hen houses for your pullets is necessary if you want to successfully raise the healthiest, happiest, and most protected chickens. A chicken coop can be reasonably easy to build and can be built in one weekend if a first-rate plan is used. The tools and construction supplies required are basic and cheap which means you can expect to spend less by building it on your own. And once completed you can obtain the rewards by successfully growing extremely productive poultry that will make it possible to put nutritious and untreated meat and eggs on your kitchen table.

The initial question you need to ask yourself is ""what number of hens do I want to raise?"" The more birds you want, the bigger their hens house must be. Raising a great quantity of hens in a cramped area can lead to sickness, disease, and cannibalism. All poultry maintain a pecking order and when conditions become too crowded some birds can get pecked to death by the dominant birds. Try to give them at least 3 square feet of space per individual bird while remembering that the more room you supply them with, the less chance that cannibalism will occur.

In a sanitary and sizeable coop your birds can remain happy, healthy, and prolific for lots of years. Conversely, if they become overly crowded they're going to be more susceptible to health disorders and their production can suffer. Healthy and thriving pullets lay more eggs so be sure to provide them with a hen house that is sanitary and large.

After arriving at a decision regarding the amount of birds you will be raising and how big your chicken housing will be, there are a few other items that should be mulled over. Your hen houses can be sited in a permanent location or they can be movable. Transportable hen houses will only house a few birds so if you plan on raising a huge number you should construct a stationary hens house.

If you will be growing about 4 to 6 birds you may want to think about making a portable coop, also known as a chicken ark. The big advantage to movable coops is the free feed they can provide. Your chickens can scratch and peck around for a portion of their own feed. This can keep them in good health since they will be finding some live food instead of all pre-packaged. When one spot has been cleaned out of insects and vegetation you can easily drag the coop to a new area packed with insect life and new grasses.

If you are short on spare time and need to cut your manual labor to the smallest amount possible, movable hen houses are best. As a substitute to cleaning your poultry housing on a regular basis you can simply drag it to a new location. As an added bonus you can move the movable house into your backyard garden area and obtain no-cost high quality fertilizer."

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