What is a Designer Dog Crate?

"There is a ""new breed"" of dog crates emerging as a pet market trend. These dog crates are beautiful, do double-duty as end tables, and provide dogs with their own special spot in a human's home. DenHaus was the first to launch a full line of these new products, and as so, has had the privilege and responsibility to give them a name. After trying out a few terms, listening to customers, and researching the market, one term is clearly the most popular: Designer dog crates.

But how is this defined?

After referencing Merriam-Webster and , we compiled this definition of the term ""designer:""

Of, relating to, or produced by a designer - who creates and manufactures a new product style, often using specific elements to create an effect. Designer products are often made to meet a specific need. The term ""designer"" is frequently intended to reflect the latest in sophisticated style.

So how does ""designer"" apply to dog crates?

Designer dog crates are indeed dog crates, therefore they are meant to provide a secure place for dogs. However, the addition of the adjective ""designer"" takes them to a whole new level. In order to find out more, we talked to the President of DenHaus, Sarah. She said, ""'Designer' means that somebody actually put thought into the design, taking into account the needs of the human and, in this case, the needs of the dog too."" She went on to explain that if you sit down to actually design a dog crate, you don't end up with an ugly wire cage.

The very first idea driving the creation of designer dog crates is the knowledge that modern dog parents want to provide a special place for their dog where they enjoy sharing time as a family, such as in the living room. For this to be possible, it absolutely must be beautiful and enhance the style and decor of the room.

Then the designer wants the dog to truly appreciate the space as his or her Den. So the dog crate is designed to provide comfort, privacy, and easy access. Of course, it also must provide security, which is the main function of a typical plastic or wire dog crate. So the designer dog crate is made to be sturdy and durable. The designer knows that the designer dog crate will also be used as a piece of furniture, so elements like a table-top are incorporated and high-quality materials are used.

Thus, we have reached a definition... A designer dog crate is a dog's ultimate den with aesthetic and functional values that humans appreciate."

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