Choosing The Right Dog Breed

"If you're planning to get a doggy for your family or yourself, one of the biggest dilemmas you'll be facing is what type of dog breed you should get. There are hundreds of dog breeds that you can choose from, with different shapes and sizes, fur and coat lengths and even intelligence. You'll want to make sure you choose the right doggy for you, a doggy that can fit your personality and lifestyle. 

 Below are a few things to consider when getting a new doggy. Read over them before you go to the kennel and pick one out. 
Choosing The Right Dog Breed


 You'll want to consider this first. How big do you want your pet dog to be? Don't underestimate how small they are as puppies since they can grow really fast, and might even outgrow your expectations. You can basically choose from small, medium and large dog breeds, all of them have their perks and cons. Do a bit of research on a breed that you're interested in and check how big they can get. 


 Check on the breed's heath. Some dog breeds are known to be prone to certain illnesses such as degenerative myelopathy. It's best to know what illnesses your doggy could develop so you can prevent them from happening. Ask your local vet or breeder about known health problems with the breed and how you can stop it from developing. 


 If you want a big doggy, consider where you live. Check if your house or apartment is big enough for your doggy. You might also need to talk to your land lord about keeping pets and if they will allow it. If you live in the city, big dogs are a bit of a challenge to take care of and they might prefer the countryside is perfect for them. 


 Get a dog that you know you can afford. The bigger the dog, the bigger budget you'll need for food. Smaller dogs need less food, but they might need more maintenance, especially toy dogs to keep their fur clean and well-kept. 


 Some dogs naturally live longer than other. If you're the type of person who becomes very emotionally attached to pets, consider getting dogs that live for a long time. Another thing to be careful about dogs that have longer lifespan is that they become more prone to illnesses like degenerative myelopathy as they age, so be careful with their heath while they're young."

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