Tips for City Living with a Dog

"As more cities become bigger and more populated, people and their pets also need to adapt to the changing environment. Many find it hard to keep a pet dog in their apartments or condominiums, due to many reasons. For one, there is usually very little space and they feel that their pet dogs are having a hard time living inside these cramped areas. Some people would cage their dogs because they fear that their dog might end up hurting someone or themselves. However, taking care of a pet dog in the city is not really as hard as it sounds.
Tips for City Living with a Dog

No Pets Allowed

Before you can actually have a pet dog in your apartment or condominium, you have to ask the property owner or management if pets are allowed in the building. Many places will not allow you to keep pets while others only allow certain pets or certain dog breeds. If it is alright to have a pet, you have to make sure that it is well behaved and well trained so that it doesn't don't chew or scratch on anything. Most buildings do not allow pets in because they are afraid the pet might get its paws on the electrical wirings that could damage the whole building's electrical system. Pet noise is also an issue-you don't want to disturb fellow tenants.


Most residential buildings in the city do not have a wide, open space where your dog can run around. It's best to take your dog out for a walk around the neighborhood or take them to the nearest park. Even if there is no space, it should not be an excuse for you to forget to take your dog out for exercise. Sure it's an inconvenience, but that shouldn't stop you from keeping your dog fit and healthy. Regular exercise also prevents the onset of genetic illnesses, such as degenerative myelopathy. Thirty minutes to an hour's worth of walking and jogging a day should be enough exercise for your pet dog.

Higher Cost

Keeping a pet dog in the city may be a bit more expensive than keeping it in say, a farm or suburban home. Living in the city generally has a more expensive cost of living compared to living in a small town or in the country. This definitely also affects the cost of taking care of your pet. However, the good news is that dog owners will not have problems looking for the necessities and services for their pets, as these are readily available in cities nationwide. There are more shops in the city that offer different types of dog care items. Some shops even specialize in items for dogs that have special needs, such as custom made leases and beds for dogs that have degenerative myelopathy or hip dysplasia."

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