Dental And Health Issues in Yorkies - Common Health Problems in Yorkies You Must Be Aware Of

"Just as every other breed of dogs has inherent weaknesses; yorkies for sale are prone to have dental problems such as baby teeth that refuse to fall and tartar build-up, which can be huge. For yorkie puppies for sale, another concern is that they do not usually have enough space in their mouths for healthy teeth. This not only makes healthy feeding a challenge but you also have to pay for the expensive dental work more or less right away to ease your yorkie's pain. Just as we humans face difficulty in eating if we have poor dental health, similarly it becomes very difficult feed properly a dog with poor teeth. Moreover, this, in case of small dogs like yorkies, this becomes huge issue concerning the dogs health. 

Another concerning and bigger health issue in case of 'teacup' Yorkshire Terriers is low-blood-sugar shock or hypoglycemia. Being very small sized, continuous activity can drain them of energy very fast, and more so, if they are cold, stressed, or have not been fed within the past 2 to 3 hours. Their blood sugar level nose-dives which can eventually initiate them going into shock. This requires immediate treatment or else the dog can die too.

Dental issues concerning the yorkie puppies for sale, in addition to causing feeding problems, is that their teeth are not able to develop properly as they have a very small jaw. This can cause pain along with infection and bleeding and eventually bacteria grow and spread to other parts of the body, which can cause risks of heart and kidney failure. To prevent this you should follow yorkies for sale dental growth very closely and make sure that its baby teeth fall at around six months of age. Feed your pet yorkie more of hard-granulated food than soft food. Consult your vet or your pet store to recommend the best quality food for your yorkie. Brush his teeth with dog toothpaste and dog brush as counseled by your vet. Arrange for regular dental cleaning at your vet's office as soon as you notice any tartar build-up.Dental And Health Issues in Yorkies - Common Health Problems in Yorkies You Must Be Aware Of

These teacup yorkies besides dental and blood sugar level are very delicate so much so that they can have fractured bones by just jumping off the bed or couch. They can be a challenge to train. They have very weak organs and easily fall sick and die due to organ failure. These supposedly 'teacup' yorkie is frequently consideration and understood as a very special breed, which is not exactly true. They are smaller or miniature versions of Yorkshire Terrier that has been developed by breeders for a cuter, lovable, and smaller sized breed.

As soon as you bring home your yorkie begin the training almost immediately but patiently. Take out your puppy to a selected area in your yard for elimination and do this regularly. Make sure that you follow your yorkie whenever he tries to sneak away, take him outdoors to the selected place to eliminate. It is very important that you be consistent in taking out your yorkie puppy out - as soon as he awakens, and after he eats or drinks. Follow these steps regularly until he is house trained."

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