Choosing Your Dog's Groomer in 5 Steps

"Taking your dog to the groomers hasn't been the easiest task for many pet lovers around the world. Even if they never seem to listen to what you're saying, when it's time to load up to go down and get a fur-cut, dogs automatically know what's going on. After a few laps around the couch, it's a trip to the groomer to trim a little off the top.

It'd be nice to find a groomer that your dog actually enjoyed going to, but sometimes we make choices based on the best opportunities for our four-legged friends. So, you have to ask yourself what makes for the best groomer for your dog. Yes, every dog enjoys visiting someone that is familiar, just like how people have choice hair-dressers and barbers.

So, to find the right groomer for your pet, you have to focus on a few specific topics that every pet owner should be aware of when it comes to entrusting their dog with someone else.


First, ask what kind of pets the groomer prefers. At the edge of insight, this particular information can make or break a grooming deal. Some individuals prefer cats, while others prefer dogs. Inquire as to the majority of their business visitations from both them and those who use their services.

Then you can hit them with the big question: Would they accept unvaccinated animals into their facility? Locations that are focused on animal care in general won't ever accept an animal that isn't up-to-date on their shots or is visibly sick.

Get your fur done

When you've settled on a facility that meets the basic care requirements, you'll want to examine the services they actually offer. What about a shampoo? Blow dry? What brands do they prefer and can you request your own? A quality grooming agency or individual will be open to what you and your dog want.

Next question to ask is if they have to do any sedation to get the job done. Is it preferred in restless-dog scenarios? While most facilities utilize special harnesses to hold their animals while they get a trim, there are situations in which dogs and even cats will put up a fight to the bitter end, especially if it's with a stranger. You need to be sure that a groomer would never make a decision like that without first consulting with the owner.

Can you watch them do the job? Some pet groomers have open windows where you can watch your pet being handled and groomed to ensure a quality process. This is a great bonus, especially since it ensures quality services. Even if you don't plan on staying to watch, it is a good sign of trust that it is an option.

Right time for the right job?

What about the time of day? Are there plenty of flexible times to drop them off and more importantly pick them back up? Busy days are full of surprises, and it's always good to know that you have options when it comes to taking care of your pup.

The next question concerns how they would ""hold"" your dog until it's time to pick them back up. Ask to examine any holding areas, such as kennels to ensure cleanliness and sanitation. You don't want your dog getting all cleaned up only to spend the last hour in a kennel that has month old urine in it.

In case of emergence, dial dog-1-1

The last, but possibly most important questions to ask relates to your dog's well-being. Health issues can range from anything like arthritis in a senior dog to diabetes and cancer in young dogs. So, what happens in case of emergency? Even a dog with diabetes or medical issues that require special services will eventually need a trim, but what would your groomer do about handling this type of situation? Will those situations cost extra or would your groomer not want to handle such a situation when they find out about it?

It is not exactly a groomer's place to administer aid to a sick dog, but what steps would they take to ensure your pet's health? Is there a veterinarian on site or do they outsource to a special clinic? They may want to contact your choice vet in hopes of better service. The purpose here isn't to judge their choices, but that they have choices and a flexible plan to ensure your dog's health. If they have no idea what you're talking about, it's best to simply move on.

Choosing your dog's groomer isn't just your choice, your dog should have a say in it to. Feeling comfortable around a person is a start towards a safe environment. So, always be ready to ask your dog what they think about their groomer too."

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