You Can do Four Types of Outdoor Sports With Your Dog

"(1)The most casual sports: Walking

British professional movement researchers say that the weight loss fitness every day to do a long walk, to give you the benefits will far exceed every few hours to visit a mall. Walk long distance, make the blood fat composition of the most beneficial changes, but any distance walking can promote heart health. Generally speaking, if the dog you are ""slow heat"" or ""lazy type"", this movement is very suitable. Walking is best to use the leash with dog training collar to control the speed, to maintain the uniform in order to achieve the feeling of the random walk.

Best time: evening

Exercise essentials: be happy and watch the natural things around as far as possible when walking, keep body relaxed.

(2)The most interactive sport: Frisbee

This is probably one of the dog's favorite sports. Rather than in terms of running or walking, throwing Frisbee is more changeable and interesting.

Best time: evening before sunset

Exercise essentials: whether for you or the dog, Frisbee skills are kind of high should be shallow to deep, from easy to difficult, slowly learning. Not asking for the moon idea, otherwise they will be the wrong action, exceed their own limits and cause injury.

(3)The simplest exercise: Jogging

Facts show that jogging can make heart health is a good way of prevention and treatment of myocardial infarction and other diseases, but also on the mood to play a very useful role can produce life rhythm to reconcile the wonderful feeling! And pet with more teasing it from time to time to play, in order to increase the fun of running. But if your dog often wears dog clothes, you'd better put it off when jogging.

Best time: early morning or evening

Exercise essentials: the body to relax while running, not to the body stiff, especially in the shoulder and arm position should pay more attention to relax.

(4)The most special sports: Mountain Climbing

If your dog likes to stimulate and love of adventure, then you should not always keep it in the dog house, but take it to go hiking. Best before climbing to do a topographic survey, so as not to go too rugged even lost. When climbing, you should carry sufficient drinking water in the sports bottle and food (remember the two of you and the dog food) to prepare for contingencies.

Best time: early morning

Exercise essentials: climbing is not anxious, try to keep the average rate, so as not to take too much physical, so down more easily, down to avoid trotting, step by step to go. If possible, try to walk the tortuous S-line, rather than the word line, so to avoid down too fast and cause leg muscle pain."

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