Tips For Caring For Handicapped Dogs

"Most people would not think of taking care of a dog with special needs. They think that this is too much to handle so they would rather have the dog euthanized instead of letting it suffer as its goes on living. However, many families have a hard time letting go of their beloved pet, choosing instead to go the extra mile to help their dog live a normal life with its illness. Dogs who have special needs like handicapped dogs need all the support and help they can get to make sure they still stay happy, despite their situation. Below are a few things dog owners can do to help their handicapped pets.
Tips For Caring For Handicapped Dogs

Physical therapy

These days, animal clinics and hospitals do not only offer vet services, they are now also catering physical therapy programs. Animal physical therapists basically have the same jobs as human physical therapists. They gradually rehabilitate the animal to its normal or as close to normal movements. There create a therapy program which includes therapy sessions, diet, and exercise.


A little exercise can go a long way. Just because the dog has a physical disability, it should not be a reason for owners to not spend some time with it for exercise. Consult the vet about the time span and frequency for the dog's exercise. Also ask about the safest form of exercise with the dog's condition.


Many pet shops and specialty stores offer items for disabled pets. A common support is the doggy wheel chair. This mini wheel chair is usually strapped on dog's that have problems with their back, like the ones who have DM in dogs, arthritis, and hip dysplasia. Other items that dog owners can use are booties. These booties provide extra support and grip, especially when the floor is made from glass or wood. The only bad side of these items is that the dog may find it uncomfortable and needs a few days to get used to moving around with the items on.


Providing dogs with food supplements is a good way for them to get the vitamins and minerals they need. Bedridden dogs, such as those suffering the late stages of DM in dogs, will need these food supplements as a regular part of their meals. To make things easier for you, choose food supplements made from natural materials and come in liquid or semi-solid form."

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