Review of Andrew Lewis' Dog Food Secrets

"Every dog lover should know the secrets behind the dog food industry, sadly most do not. Manufacturers of pet food have some of the most convincing emotional ads, commercials and persuasive sales techniques on the market but that does not mean that what they are selling is fact. If you are interested in learning the truth you will be happy to know Andrew Lewis is sharing information, which will expose many secrets in the dog food industry. For your reading pleasure, here is our Dog Food Secrets review. 

 Who is Andrew Lewis? 

 Why do you care what Andrew Lewis has to say? Lewis is a man who lost his beloved four-year-old beagle to illness. This prompted him to look into just how healthy the food from the pet food industry really was. His efforts uncovered some shocking information, not the least of which is the fact that he poisoned his own dog with his efforts to nourish. 

 Andrew feels driven to ensure that no other dog lover suffer what he has, especially when the culprit is dog food. Dog Food Secrets is a culmination of all his research. Not only did Lewis discover some horrible secrets in dog food manufacturing but also a great deal of information about what a dog really needs to eat. Fed the right types of food your pet could live years longer than traditionally expected. It is his hope that he can help you avoid the mistake millions of other pet owners, including himself, have made. 

 Dog Food Secrets: Core 

 As you might imagine Dog Food Secrets will reveal a great deal about commercial food operations, particularly the hazards they pose to your beloved pet. The information you learn here will inspire you to take action immediately when it comes to what you feed your pet. 

 Also explained inside Dog Food Secrets is an alternative way to feed your pet. Are you reluctant to try the homemade pet food alternative? Thanks to the pet food companies many people are however, once you understand how this type of diet is actually beneficial for your dog you may change your mind. 

 If you are concerned about the process, do not be, Andrew has developed a systematic recipe guide that will show you exactly how and what to cook for your pet. Moreover, you will learn about the specific nutritional needs of your dog based on their health, activity level and age. 

 The Positives 

 -Years of research about the pet food industry all in one place 

 -Get more information on why your pet food could be harming your dog 

 -Find out why you should make changes to your pet's diet today 

 -Learn how changing your dog's diet can turn their health around 

 -Learn how feeding your dog in a way that keeps them healthy and adds years 

 -Enjoy more healthy happy years with your dog 

 -Learn how food related diseases could be avoided as well as costly vet bills 

 -Skip the one size fits all approach to feeding your dog and learns how to tailor the food to your dog's special needs 

 -Avoid all the risk and enjoy a full 60-day money back guarantee 

 The Negatives 

 Happily, there are no negatives when it comes to Dog Food Secrets. Inside all you will find is detailed information about how to feed your pet the best diet possible, and as pet owners, that is our responsibility. This eBook rips away the mask covering the truth about the pet food industry allowing you to see the truth and make an informed decision. Dog Food Secrets gives you the tools to provide the best nutrition possible for your furry friend. 

 Dog Food Secrets Bonuses 

 It comes complete with all the information you need to make better pet food choices. Learn the truth about the pet food industry as well as how to make a nutritionally superior diet in your own kitchen. Andrew has created some different packages for this eBook, each level offering a different set of bonuses. Choose from Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

 $27- The Bronze Package 

 1St Bonus-The Canine Changeover Guide 

 2nd Bonus- 23 Delicious and Healthy Doggy Treat Recipes 

 $47- The Silver Package 

 Silver gives you all of the above from bronze level, plus a bonus. 

 Additional Bonus- All natural soaps and shampoos you can create at home. What a great bonus! Did you know many dog shampoos are full of unnecessary chemicals and preservatives? Bathe your precious pet without chemicals by making your own shampoos and soaps naturally. 

 $47-The Gold Package 

 Do you want to learn more about keeping your pet healthy? Included in the gold packages is everything in the above package and many more bonuses. 

 Bonus 1- Special needs pet food recipes 

 Bonus 2- Lifetime of free updates 

 Bonus 3- Get a confidential dog food report 

 Bonus 4- Make your own canine supplements 

 Bonus 5- Powerful Puppy diet 

 Bonus 6- For the Unwell Wolf- Homemade All Natural Recipes- is your dog ailing. This bonus alone will be worth tons of gold! Learn how to use food to cure your dog naturally. This bonus will cover illnesses such as ringworm, diarrhea, skin infections, joint pain, gingivitis and upset stomach. 

 Bonus 7- Hungry Hound Homemade Happiness- Favorite recipes from canines around the world! It is actually surprising that this is not a standalone eBook in its own right! Inside you will have access to 180 recipes for everything from a full home cooked meal to appetizers for your dog! Enjoy creating frozen treats, microwave meals, gravies and so much more with this handy guide. 


 It is important that pet lovers understand the pet food industry, most importantly the fact that they are getting away with murder many times. Andrew Lewis wants you to know the truth and provide a better alternative for you and your dog. Dog food or pet food is a multi-billion dollar industry annually, so you understand their reticence about you making your own healthy alternatives! If you want to know more about how processed dog foods are making your pet sick, grab a copy of Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis."

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