How to Handle Fleas On Your Dog, Methods for Controlling Fleas in Dogs

"Wage War on Fleas On Dogs: That time of the year has come around again when those terrible little blood-sucking insects, with teeth already sharpened, are waiting for the right moment to begin their onslaught. They are not only getting ready to invade and multiply in your dogs' fur but also in your home.

So what can we do to help our dogs combat these horrible little pests? You have to declare war on them or they will declare a full-scale war on you and your dog. Yes, the dog flea loves the taste of both human and dog blood and they can also cause an allergic reaction to both dogs and humans when they bite and suck your blood.

To make it easier for you here is a suggested list of counterattack moves.

1 Make a list of the warfare tactics you will have to apply to make sure you will leave no living flea or eggs to carry on breeding.

2 Build an arsenal of flea treatments like shampoos, sprays, dog flea tablets, household vacuums for sucking up the dust, washing machine, and cleaning materials.

3 Make a list of places to treat like the living room carpet or bedroom, or wherever your dog has been. Leave no place un-cleaned where fleas and their eggs may reside or it can ruin all your valiant efforts.

4 Make a priority list of what needs attacking first.

5 Do not forget about the outside den, like kennels, the garage, or even the greenhouse.

6 Remember your car (rugs etc) if he or she has travelled in it.

7 Do not forget the clothing belonging to you and your family; those pesky critters can hide anywhere.

8 Other household pets may hide the fleas even temporary. If you are declaring war on dog fleas then declare war on the other pets you have in your home, like cat fleas.

9 Try and limit your pooch to only having contact with other dogs that you know have been treated for fleas.

10 Your favorite walks, which other dogs use, can re-infest your dog although there is not a lot you can do about that.

Dogs that contract fleas are often miserable and can even suffer from nasty allergic reactions, which can make them suffer even more misery.

To rid your dog and home of these irritating pests you have to be thorough, or they can soon become re-infested. Remember, leaving just one egg or flea on your dog or in your home will start an avalanche of new intruders and you will have to start all over again.

It is easy for any dog to become infested with fleas the solution is, however, more taxing both mentally and physically. Fleas do not inhabit a dirty home in preference to a clean one, on the contrary they would just as well prefer a clean furry rug to one matted with dirt.

Once the main battle is over then it only remains for you to be on your guard and take preventative measures to make it more difficult for them to breed again. Discuss this with your vet if you are unsure."

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