Dogs 101 Caring For a Dog in The City

"One of the biggest advantages of keeping a dog as a pet is that it can basically live anywhere. Dogs are wonderful at adjusting to their environment. As long as they are well fed and given love and attention, they can survive any type of living situation.

In recent years, more and more people are moving to big cities to gain access to better job opportunities and to be closer to urban amenities, like schools and hospitals. Many have also brought their dogs with them so they do not feel alone. It's going to be a bit of a challenge to care for a dog in the city, but with good time management and knowing where to go to spend time with your pet, you and your pet dog will feel right at home in the concrete jungle.

Taking them out

No more jogs or walk in the suburbs. If you are going to take your dog out, be prepared to face traffic, hundreds of people and the concrete sidewalk. Get your dog a very sturdy leash so that you have more control over it and it does not run off. Keep it close to you when walking and watch over it very closely. Some dogs may become afraid of the traffic, so make sure you let it feel that you are there to protect it and that everything is fine. If your dog is a bit aggressive to strangers, it's advisable to place a muzzle over its mouth. Take it to the park so that it can still run around and enjoy itself.

Where to get food

If you are having a hard time looking for a pet shop around the area, go to a butcher shop. Ask for the most affordable cut of beef that you can give to your pet. They would usually offer ""saw dust"" which is basically finely grounded meat. Some breeders advise raw meat, but this may contain salmonella. It's best to cook if for a few minutes first before serving it to the dog. Keep in mind that you still need to provide you dog a balanced diet to avoid illnesses like degenerative myelopathy, heart problems, joint disease, to name a few.

Finding a vet

Try to contact your veterinarian and ask them if they know anyone in the city. If not, ask dog owners that you meet. It's important to visit the vet so that you know if your dog is adjusting well to the city life. Veterinary clinics or animal hospitals in the cities are also more advanced when it comes to equipment and medicine. Try to inquire about vaccinations and shots that could help prevent genetic and non-curable illnesses, such as degenerative myelopathy."

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