Pet Life - Tips on Feeding your Sick Dog

"Feeding a sick dog is difficult and it can also get messy. It'skind of like feeling a small child who's not in the mood to eat, only it doesn't scream and talk back. Most people feed their ill dog bland food so it's easier for their pets to take in, especially for dogs that have degenerative myelopathy. It's less expensive compared to those pre-made paste dog food. 

 Bland dog food isn't tasteless. On the contrary, it contains the same ingredients you would normally find in baby food. Here are a few tips on how to make it. 

 Ask the vet 

 Before you start cooking up a meal for your dog, start by asking the vet about what your dog's dietary needs are. You also need to ask for how long you'll be feeding the dog bland food, special ingredients that needs to go in it and certain medical concerns that could result from the diet. 

 Pick a protein 

 Protein is important for dogs since it's their main source of energy. If possible, stick with meat that has low fat content. It may be expensive, but too much fat can cause your dog to have digestive and cardiovascular problems. You can even substitute meat with tofu and fish like tuna or salmon. 


 Select vegetables or gains for carbs like potato or rice and mix it with the meat you choose. List down the ratio of carbs and protein the vet suggested (usually a ratio of 3 parts crabs to 1 part protein). Be careful with the ratio since too much protein can cause diarrhea. 


 Never feed your sick dog raw meat, especially if they have degenerative myelopathy. cook the meat in broth or water and don't put too much salt in it. Add the carbs and mix everything up to create a slurry. This makes it easier for dogs that have difficulty when swallowing. Mash everything up until the texture is fine enough to go through a feeding pump or big dropper. Always wait for the mixture to cool before feeding it to the dog. 


 The mixture does not contain any preservatives so it's best to keep it in the freezer. Divide it into your dog's daily portions into plastic bags or recyclable and just unfreeze it during feeding time. Once the dog gets better, you can slowly introduce their old diet in until they're fully recovered."

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