Is DAP Good for Your Dog?

"There are plenty of times when we find ourselves trying to soothe or calm our dogs to help them feel comfortable or so they won't hurt themselves. Whether we're leaving for work, doing some traveling with our four-legged companion, or perhaps someone is just afraid of the thunder, the ability to keep our dogs naturally calm has relied purely on hugs and kisses.

In more extreme cases, sometimes it has been necessary to utilize veterinarian-recommended drugs to help reduce some of the more serious cases of anxiety or panic. Of course, these chemical compounds aren't exactly the best thing for our dogs and may not even help solve the problem, but rather hide the underlying issues that really need to be addressed.


In 2008, a natural solution was created and has since begun to trend amongst loving dog owners throughout the world. The solution is known as the dog appeasing pheromone, which is designed to soothe dogs of all ages and breeds in a completely natural and harmless manner.

DAP is a synthetic compound that is based on natural pheromones that nursing canine mothers secrete. When a mother dog is nursing, a protein-based compound is released from her body which soothes her puppies to keep them calm and feeling secure. This is one of the secondary reasons that puppies automatically calm down when they're next to their mother (besides feeding).

Plenty of studies have been conducted to help prove the effectiveness on younger puppies, in which cases they would remain calm and interact at a far more sociable level, which helped increase learning and training. Puppies are naturally hyper and playful, which is great when we want to play, but when it comes to potty training, the naturally calming effects of the pheromone can help increase attention span and retention ability. While that's not the ultimate purpose of DAP, it can be a useful tool in the right situations.

Normally marketed as a collar, DAP is ideal for dogs suffering from separation anxiety or fear that often results because of thunder, fireworks, and loud or intimidating noises or situations. Because of the calming effect, it is also supposed to inhibit inappropriate marking, though it does not have any notable effects on accidents or soiling that need potty training to properly address.

It can also be a helpful addition to your travel kit especially if you're planning an upcoming vacation this summer. Dogs can get motion sickness just like people, in which case DAP makes for an effective and simple way to keep them calm for the duration of the trip.

Effects and effectiveness

The best thing is that pheromone collars are based on a natural compound, rather than relying on powerful chemical based medications and sedatives that can often have serious side effects or simply ""knock"" them out rather than calming them down.

Because they are a natural solution, DAP collars and other devices are ideal for dogs of all ages, especially new puppies.

A favored characteristic is that DAP has no long-term effects, such as addictive or harmful side effects that coincide with many of today's medications. You will also not have to go to the vet to get an expensive prescription or pay any auxiliary visitation bills. It could be a great way to stay green and save some greens.

There are several brands and styles available, many of which utilize collars to deliver the pheromone. Some even offer auxiliary delivery devices, such as spray diffusers and wall plug-ins that deliver DAP on demand. Though the collar is a favorite, these other devices are handy for travel situations or individual moments, such as a thunderstorm situation.

While DAP has plenty of benefits due to it being naturally based, it does not seem to affect every dog equally. Some dogs may show mild signs of calmness while others react perfectly to the DAP. But, there are still some situations in which some dogs seem to have no response at all to the calming effects.

Before you invest largely in a particular brand, try several different DAP devices from different providers before you settle on one specific brand or delivery style.

While the dog appeasing pheromone is a great find for dog owners searching for natural ways to help address anxiety issues, it isn't for every dog out there. But due to its naturally safe compounds and lack of side effects, it's worth a try, especially for younger puppies.

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