Italian Greyhound - Important Facts You Ought To Know

"The Italian Greyhound (often called the ""Iggy"") is classified under the toy dog category. They feature an appearance that's similar to the regular Greyhound. It was during ancient times over 6,000 years ago the breed is believed to have first existed. They were initially bred for hunting and companionship. They're a common selection as a companion dog for active owners in the modern day. Attributes such as their sensitive temperament and love for running are what they can be recognized by. The breed is believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt and are a descendant of several ancient unknown breeds. 

 They're categorized as a small to medium sized breed of dog. The standard male and female size is 13-15 inches tall and a weight of 8-12 pounds. They're well-known for their gentle and sensitive personality. They can be unsuitable as a guard dog, as along with their small size they are typically timid with people they're not familiar with. They are ranked 60th compared with every other dog when being taught new instructions, and are confirmed to be fairly smart. 

 They are good with kids, and that means they are fairly suitable as a family pet. They don't mix well with other pets like other dog breeds or cats and smaller animals . One simple chore is taking care of their coat. They need occasional brushing through their coat every week or two, and a full-body groom once every couple of months or whenever necessary. They can be suitable for apartment life, but enjoy having a large, well-fenced yard so they have plenty of room. 

 Like many small to medium sized dog breeds, they are for the most part long-lived and have a life expectancy of 13-15 years. Their most severe health problem is broken bones and injuries, and they are also susceptible to epilepsy, PRA, cataracts or hyperthyroidism. They enjoy things like sprinting, running around the yard or hunting for items. To reduce the risk of hyperactivity or other bad habits, they need long walks every day as a result of their high amount of energy. 

 You should be willing to spend plenty of time exercising them and giving them attention if you choose to buy the Italian Greyhound. They are not the best choice for families with rough, young children, but ideal for retirees, couples without children or families with older children. Perhaps the most significant reason why dog owners find this breed particularly attractive is that it makes a good companion and running partner because of its love for running and sensitive nature."

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