How to Stop Puppy From Barking The Should And Shouldn't Rules

"It is normal when your puppy tends to bark and howling because he is afraid of being abandoned and unfamiliar with the new environment. If your puppy is new, you should spend at least a week of undivided attention on him before it can settle down on its own. This is the time where you can build trust between you and your puppy.

But sometimes howling and barking becomes a distraction when you are trying to have a rest. Try cuddle your puppy if he cries and if he stop then its obviously crying for your attention.

But sometimes you just feel those cuddling and pampering obviously make it worse. Then it's time to teach your puppy to be independent and adjust to its new home with a hard train.

Here are the guidelines for things you should and shouldn't do:

You should:

1. Alert the reason your puppy is howling and barking. Whether he is not comfortable, hungry or too hot/cold. Make sure he is okay before teaching him to accept isolation.

2. Give your puppy a little benefit for the doubt in training process. If he begin whining with a short pause then take him to the potty.

3. Remember to put a toy or treat in his crate so he feel more comfortable and fun with its own little home.

4. Tell your puppy to be quiet with a sharp tone of voice to show you are in charge and if he did as command then praise your puppy. Give him a treat or a toy.

You shouldn't:

1. Don't simply reward your puppy when he whines. This may create a perception to him that this is a good thing to do.

2. Do not leave your puppy alone all the time. Show your affection to him to let him know he is not abandoned.

3. Be strict in taking any actions that you should on your puppy unnecessary whining. If you turn to be soft heart, then it can be a problem for you as you will need to carry your puppy everywhere you go.

4. Avoid touching and feeding your puppy while they are barking. Wait for your puppy to be quiet for few seconds and look like he will not bark again before treating him.

However, do ALERT in one thing, if there is unusual activity with your puppy such as suddenly whining as it your puppy tries to notify you something is not right with him, do see your vet straight away.

If you implement these tips as mentioned above, you can easily stop your puppy barking and howling."

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