Dogs Eating Poop and What You Can Do About It

"It is a beautiful day out. Out on the town with your pretty dog, showing him off to all the denizens of the city, you are supremely proud of him and all you two have accomplished as a team throughout the years. He is the picture perfect dog. You lean down and give him a pat and a kiss. Good puppy! He licks your face, and, suddenly, you feel nauseous. Violated. Gross.

It feels like he pooped on your face through his mouth. If you've ever felt that way, you know the way it feels when your dog is eating poop. You have so many questions: do other dogs do this? Why does my dog do this? How can I make him stop? Or is it natural?

Well, never fear, because that's why the internet was created. So sit down, and grab a pencil. And watch out, your dog is outside while you're distracted, eating poop!

Anyways, here are your answers:

First of all, the medical term for eating poop, in case you want to sound smart at parties, is ""copgrophagy"". So, why does your dog engage in such a roman-sounding endeavour? There could be a few reasons, actually.

Yes, other dogs do it. It turns out that it's pretty natural for dogs to do it. Other dogs of all shape and sizes feast on morsels of feces for reasons that may be a little more straightforward than you'd like.

Do you leave your dog unattended for long periods of time during the day, out in the back yard? If your dog gets bored, one of the first things he may do is wander about, snatching up his poop. After all, they're almost always hungry, and dog poop has a bit of the old nutritional supplements in it, as disgusting as it may be. They can do it when they're bored, or hungry.

But what can you do about it? You're just one person in a sea of sidewalks filled with poop. The first thing you can do is have a nice little chat with your vet. It's very possible that your puppy just has a vitamin or mineral deficiency that can be looked after through swallowing little pills rather than little poops.

If you know what your dog is allergic to and what they are not allergic to, you can also add some food that makes their feces taste gross. Funny, that: having to put something in poop so that it tastes gross. At any rate, some pumpkin or pineapple to your dog's diet ought to do the trick; I have it on good authority that that sort of stuff tastes disgusting in feces.

You could always just stop blaming your dog for being a dog and eating poop, and you could instead keep a stricter eye on his living conditions. If there's poop in the yard, go ahead and pick it up. It won't bite you. It smells bad, but if you get a little baggy and wrap it up, you shouldn't have any problems with it.

Also, if you catch them in the act of eating feces, do not let them go off with just a little shrug of your shoulders. Get a little mad, or else they will not know that it makes you mad. Don't go berserk at them, of course, but do not be afraid to show them who is the boss. After they know that, you can tell them who eats the poop around here. The answer should be, of course, nobody!"

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