Forth Easily Step to Keep Dog Food Fresh

"For those pet lovers who would like to feeding dogs, they not only should care about the pet suppliers , also the food for pet to eat is the big problem. The food is the necessary item for both human beings and animals. Therefore, the ways to choose food for dog need the owners make many efforts. And also the method to maintain the healthy food is a big course.

Dry feed is the best source to maintain for nutrition and health for dogs, as well as the necessary dog food. Large dogs eat like a horse, feed consumption is very large. And the owners of the huge dogs were stockpiling large packages for a rainy day. Small dogs eat little. A pack of feed always should eat for a long time, so dry feed once open need to save. Otherwise it is easy to go bad due to damp musty. Even the cockroaches or rats and other uninvited guests will eat. Now I would like to tell you some ways to keep the feed fresh all the time. Maybe it will have the longer time use than dog beds . ??????

You need those materials: storage box, desiccant Package regular, one Pocket Clip, the number of plastic bags, one stack of newspaper.??????

First, place newspaper: check if the inside and outside of storage box is integrity and the inside part should be dry. On the bottom you should put some thick layers of newspaper, because newspapers can moisture absorbent, so you can put some as much as you want, according to your demands.

Second, desiccant: every time when you have snack, the desiccant can be reuse for many times.??????

Thirdly, plastic Pocket: set the dry feed into plastic bag, avoid both taste and long dry feed oil loss, and ensure that the feed does not go bad. Then put the desiccant Pack into plastic bags, desiccant packs can be placed according to the proportion of the size of the feed in accordance with the number of feed. For the sealing, you need to squeeze the air out of the bag first, clip fixed.

Fourth, storage box: put the plastic bags into storage box . That means you should put the already sealed feed in dry box, close the cover would be finally done.

Follow this step, you will find after several days, even months, the feed for the dog will never go bad and the taste also is as fresh as the beginning. Hope this can help those owners who are upset by this problem."

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