Dogs and Their Halloween Costumes

"It's a fact that dressing up for Halloween can be FUN! Well, it is fun alright! It is so fun that nowadays even dogs do it!

Well, of course with a little help of their best friends - their owners

On Halloween, the Internet is overloaded with funny pictures of pets that are dressed to impress. And we know that some owners want to dress up their pets. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that dogs want to do that.

Scroll down to check out some of the best pictures of dogs and their Halloween costumes! They are hilarious!

And who knows you might even get an idea of how to dress up your own pet for this year's Halloween party whether he likes it or not!

1. These two make a cute couple! And there is no question that their owners are big fans of Star Wars since they are dressed up as Darth Vader and Queen Leah!

2. Judging by the picture and this dog's face , I'm guessing this dog didn't have much fun on Halloween. I bet his owners did their best, but he doesn't seem very impressed with his costume!

3. Now, how adorable are these two. And can you imagine they were snapped just after they said their vows! And just like in the movies, I believe that they will live happily ever after!

4.Well, if you ever need to be rescued don't hesitate to call these guys! Batman and Superman for will definitely be willing to help you at any time during the day! And I bet that no cat will dare to get in their way!

5. And what about these dogs over  make a great team! And they look like they can't wait for Halloween to come and so that they can show off their costumes! I bet they will make quite a show if they all go out at the same time! They are hilarious!

However, I couldn't help but wonder. Even though it's Halloween, a day when we all play dress up in either our favorite cartoon characters or our heroes, do dogs actually enjoy being dressed up?

Well my answer would be NO! Would you dress your dog for Halloween even though studies that have shown that dogs don't really like being dressed up? Are there any thoughts on this subject? Please don't hesitate to share it with us."

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