Safety Advice When Having Pets On The Go

"Everyone enjoys traveling with their pets, but when it comes to having pets on the go, you need to take extra precautions that you normally wouldn't while you were at home. Sticking to a few basic rules can keep your pet healthy and happy while you are on holiday. Here are 5 tips on how to take your pet with you for a true family holiday.

Updated Information

Keep updated information about your pet with you when you are traveling. It is important to have your updated information engraved on tags that are attached to your pet's collar. In case your pet gets separated from you, these tags will serve as your pet's only hope of finding you again. Include your mobile number on these tags when you have pets on the go. Has your veterinarian sign a form confirming all of your pet's current vaccinations. You will need to present these records at border crossings.

Pack For Your Pet

In order to take your pet on holiday, you need to pack a bag for them. Having pets on the go remain comfortable requires planning and preparation. You will need to pack their bedding, extra leashes and at least one extra collar. You will need cleaning supplies in case of accidents, portable bowls, medications, and toys. Bring food and at least one gallon of water from home for every day you plan to be away. Water supplies that your pet isn't familiar with may upset her stomach.

Prevent Car Sickness

Two hours before you plan to depart, take food and water away from your pet. This will give her stomach a chance to empty before the trip begins, preventing car sickness. While you have pets on the go, offer water to them as needed, but don't feed them until you arrive at your destination.

Safety Restraints

Keep your pet in an approved carrier at all times. If your pet is too large for a carrier, invest in a pet harness that is designed to buckle into the car. Keep them in these restraints at all times. Never permit your pet to ride with their head out the window or to sit in your lap while driving. These are extremely dangerous activities for your pet.

Alone in the Car

Always take your pet with you when you leave the car. Regardless of the weather, your pet is not safe in the car alone. Even on cool days, the interior of your car can quickly become an oven, resulting in your pet suffering heat stroke or worse in your absence.

Stick to these rules when you have pets on the go to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment during your trip. For more advice, look into mobile apps to keep you updated when you take your pet on holiday. Plan ahead and be safe while you're on your trip."

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