4 Tips on Caring for Your Dog's Fur

"One of the biggest challenges any dog owner has is taking care of their pet's fur. For short haired dogs, this is relatively an easy task, but with big, fluffy haired dogs, it can get really tiring and takes up a lot of effort. Below are a few tips to help make fur care a bit easier. 

 Use dog shampoo 

 To save money, dog owners usually use inexpensive, generic shampoo to clean their dogs. This does help but it also affects the dog's fur. Unlike human hair, dogs have thicker more courser hair, so normal human shampoo doesn't really take good care of their fur. Instead, stick with dog shampoos that you can pick up at any pet shop or even grocery stores. They're usually found in the pet supply aisle and you can choose from brands that are made from natural ingredients to medicated ones that help get rid of parasites like ticks and fleas. Some brands even offer bubble bath solutions which are great for dogs suffering from DM in dogs or any other illness that causes them to have problems moving. 
4 Tips on Caring for Your Dog's Fur

 Brush them regularly 

 Brushing or combing through your dog's fur helps take trapped dust and dirt out. If you can't give your dog a bath regularly, then brush their hair every other day. It also takes any out the tangles that could cause their fur to lump up. Brushing their hair also minimizes sheading, so you don't have to constantly worry about how you're furniture is going to look like when you come home. 

 Give them a bath 

 A good bath once or twice a week, especially if your dog spends a lot of time playing outside or stays on the front or backyard all day, will help keep them clean and  the water's temperature warm so they don't jump out of the bath. Baths are easier to prepare since you only need to run some water and use shampoo to clean them. Cases like in DM in dogs, baths are easier since you can just place the dog in the tub and clean them there. 

 Don't forget the teeth 

 Brush their teeth to keep them strong and avoid bad breath. There are special toothpaste for dogs that you can get at pet supply stores. You can also give them bones which can help keep their teeth clean. Chicken necks is a good option but you have to check with your vet. Your dog might be allergic to poultry."

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