What You Need For a New Puppy

"Adding a dog to the family is a big milestone for most people. When you choose a dog, you are committing over a decade of your life to the care and loving of this companionable animal. To make your new friend comfortable and happy, you will need to pick up a few dog supplies at the local pet store. Some of these items you can find at a grocery or department store, too.

Puppies need to have limits set firmly and immediately upon entering a new home. Make sure you know ahead of time what you want to keep your pet away from and what rooms you welcome their presence in. For instance, many people keep their dog out of their bedroom at all times, for example. Start implementing your boundaries as soon as you bring your puppy home so the rules you set stay consistent and easy to learn for your puppy.

Keeping some areas of your home dog-free makes keeping those areas clean a breeze. You won't have to struggle against the constant addition of hair, dirt and debris that dogs tend to track around with them, particularly if they go outside a lot.

Don't feel bad about making your puppy stay behind the established boundaries you have set. Giving in to their misbehavior will only encourage it. The best thing you can do is be firm and consistent so learning the boundaries is easy and simple for your pet.

Beyond food and water, other important items to have for a new dog are a leash and a few good chew toys. Puppies in particular need plenty of things to chew on to help them bring their permanent teeth in. If a puppy doesn't have something to chew on, they are likely to start chewing on furniture. They can also get in to the bad habit of chewing or gnawing on people's hands and arms.

Pet beds are easy to make but you can buy them, too. If you are going the simple route, simply fold up an old blanket and your pup will be as happy as can be. Pet stores sell all sorts of pet beds, too, if you want something a little fancier.

If you are comfortable online and know what you are shopping for, the internet is a great place to buy dog stuff. If you need guidance, though, go to a pet store and talk to a sales associate to get info from the pros.

Adopting a new pet, regardless of species, means accepting the responsibilities of caring for this creature. Take care of your new friend and mutual love and affection will naturally develop.."

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