Simple Hen Ark Plans Designs That Are Easy to Build

"When I was a little child, I wondered why the chickens live in a house too. Does its house have a living room, bed room and kitchen too? Now that I am already an adult, I have learned that chickens do at least need simple hen ark plans too. What does a hen ark do? What is it for? I usually see a chicken ark in the provinces where cockpits are rampant. Hen arks are lined up in a sequential manner. It is a nice to view when they are arranged like that.

A chicken ark is basically a portable structure, like a house, which you can move around your backyard. Unlike a normal house, it does not have flooring in it. They are generally lightweight so that you can transfer it anywhere easily. Some arks that I saw have wheels attached to one side to make it even easier to move around. 

The chicken ark has been popularized mainly because of ease of design and a space saver. One good advantage of a chicken ark is that it is easier to clean because of its open floor, unlike in a regular chicken coop, which generally has flooring in it. In addition, you may gather lots of animal manure under the ark which you can spread and use as fertilizer in your garden. Different countries have different kinds of structures that enclose and protect chickens. 

They call it in different names such as chicken runs, chicken coops, or chicken tractors. What do you think is the difference between them? Chicken ark is the term that is used in the United Kingdom to describe a portable chicken coop. In the United States, it is named as a chicken tractor. Some may have mistaken a chicken ark with an A-frame. An A-frame is actually smaller than the usual hen ark. If you have a larger number of chicken then an A frame is not advisable to use. A hen ark is actually larger and heavier than the A-frame. Another difference of an ark with an A-frame is that the chicken ark has a more square structure.

As I was searching the internet regarding different designs of a hen ark, I came across one site where in they are offering a 60 day money back guarantee. It has different packages depending upon what suits best for you. It provides you with a lot of information and step by step procedures in building a chicken coop, ark, or run. I think that it would be cheaper than to hire an expert to build my desired chicken ark."

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