How to Care for Your Chicken Coop and Chickens Properly?

"If you want to keep happy chickens that produce the optimal amount of eggs, you will have to ensure that their home is safe, comfortable and the right size. 

 First thing is you have to make sure that your chicken coop is weather proof. Over time wood will rot if it is not cared for properly. You need to maintain a strong frame if you want your chicken coop to be durable. One of the cheapest ways to do this is to paint your wooden frame with a water resistant layer of paint. There are many good points on the market nowadays for this exact purpose. Doing this will ensure that your chicken coop will last alot longer. 

 It is also a good idea to check for gaping holes or small nicks in your chicken wire. This is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of your chickens too. Foxes can force themselves through holes in the chicken coop and kill your chickens if you do not watch out for this. Once a week, inspect your chicken coop in detail. If there are holes anywhere you will have to fix them by patching them with additional chicken wire and fastening them securely to the wooden frame. 

 Another thing that is important with regards to maintaining your chicken coop is hygiene. There is nothing worse than your chickens having to exist in an enclosed space surrounded by their own excrement. 

 Daily cleaning is not essential, but if you want your chickens to be happy and productive, a deep cleanse twice a year is advised. Strong citrus cleaners are recommended as they are natural. Mixing one part bleach, one part dish soap and ten parts water is also effective. Just make sure that you rinse your chicken coop clean after cleaning and allow it to dry before replacing with fresh bedding. 

 Put down fresh straw weekly and scrub down filthy surfaces that your chickens have to walk around on. Sanitation is essential because it can produce toxic ammonia. Ammonia build up is to be avoided because it leads to respiratory illnesses in poultry. 

 Finally, what is often overlooked in chicken coop care and maintenance are feeders and waterers. These are an important aspect of your chickens' health, so make sure that they are topped up with clean water and newsfeed daily. By nature, chickens will not drink dirty water, so they can become dehydrated and sick relatively quickly."

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