Horse Riding Area Design and Facilities

"In the cold and wet winter, weather can shorten the amount of time one can comfortably ride a horse outdoors. A covered horse riding arena will allow you to ride all year long. A post framed arena and barn facility can be designed to fit you needs and budget. A large clear span pole building can be the best way to train and ride horses all year long. Post framed riding arenas are wood framed and steel covered structures that are built strong and durable to last many years. The size options are virtually endless and can be designed with many features to suit your horse riding needs.

Pole building riding arenas can be designed with no walls, partial walls, fully enclosed, with doors, and with lean-toos for stall areas. Arenas can also be fitted with roof vents, translucent light panels, electric lights, and exterior wall liners. The arena's riding surface can be dirt, sand, clay, sawdust, wood chips, hog fuel, or recycled rubber.

A fully enclosed arena provides protection from the elements with the option of large doors for access and ventilation. A roof only arena allows for a cool summer breeze and allows dust to escape the building. Partial walls can be the best of both worlds, providing protection from weather, containment of horses, ventilation, and a view outside.

The stall portion of the building can be fitted with any size stalls desired, although an efficient size is 12' x 12'. Tack rooms, washrooms, lunchrooms, living areas, and viewing areas are also options. If the stalls are built with ceilings, the area between the ceiling and the building's roof provides a large space for hay storage. The floor of the stall area can be natural dirt, gravel, concrete, or outfitted with rubber mats.

Light panels in the roof or walls of a horse riding arena provide a great source of natural light, while still providing protection from the elements. Modern technology allows light panels to be stronger and longer lasting than panels of the past. Electrical lighting can also be installed in arenas to provide illumination. The lights can even be situated so they reflect off the metal roof's white inside surface to create an even glow throughout the building.

Tongue and groove lumber or plywood can be installed to the external walls of the building to create a liner that acts as an attractive safety barrier for horses. The building's structural posts are a perfect attachment point for the liner.

A covered post framed horse riding arena is the perfect way for the horse enthusiasts to ride out of the wind and other elements. You and your horse will be pleased with the investment.

For more information on horse riding arenas and other barn facilities that fit your needs and budget, contact Econ-O-Fab Buildings through ."

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