Birds of a Feather Flock Together

"There is something peaceful about a song bird's call. We wake up in the morning and hear birds already up and about, hopping and chirping to each other. We may groan and pull the covers back over our heads, but deep inside the sweet melodious calls tell us the day is here, it is new and all is right with the world. 

 Everywhere you look there are bird houses and feeders for sale. They are in pet stores, in hardware stores, even in supermarkets. Cub scouts make them for their mothers, and craft shops sell decorated ones. We want to attract the birds to our yards and patios. Birds make us feel happy. When people come out of a depressive slump they claim they hear the birds singing again. After a natural disaster, when the birds return, it seems like a sign that life will go on. These wonderful feathery creatures encourage us with their songs and invigorate us with their resilience. 

 Birds are free creatures who can flit from tree limb to tree limb or soar high above us. Their beauty attracts the eyes and their songs stir our hearts. Their delicate wings give us a taste of freedom, and their black, little eyes beckon us to experience life in a more joyous and carefree manner. After all, they seem to sing no matter what the day brings. 

 Ask a room of people who their favorite song bird is and you will get a multitude of answers. Brilliant red cardinals top many people's lists. Pictures of them decorate Christmas cards. You can always spot them, and each time they appear, we marvel at their brilliant colors. Finches bring cheer and many people have domesticated ones in cages because their high pitched cheep and energetic fluttering lifts the soul. Warblers rank high because of their bright splashes of yellow and black, or black and white, as well as their unique ability to hit clear pitched notes. Blue birds are called birds of happiness, and who has ever seen the painted bunting and not sucked in their breath at the sight? Even the simple brown sparrow hopping along the ground in the middle of the city scrounging for tidbits and crumbs conjures up a smile. They seem cheerful and happy-go-lucky despite the fact that they are in constant search for food. So what if they leave droppings, we still want them in our lives, right? 

 What's your favorite song bird? Is it a bluebird, a chickadee, or perhaps a mourning dove softly cooing for its mate? Is it the industrious hummingbird flitting from flower to flower? 

 Birds can stir up pleasant emotions. In the dull bleakness of winter, images of migratory song birds on your wall, fridge or office cubicle bring a promise of spring, of sunny days and flowers. So surround yourself with birds. Attract them to your yard or apartment patio by hanging feeders or houses for them. Place a few pictures of them around your office or home. Bet your mood brightens."

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