A Few Useful Chicken Coop Ideas

"If you have a farm you know that chickens are small animals and they need little space in order to thrive. They provide organic eggs, they help with fertilizing the ground and sometimes they will end up as dinner entrees. If you are interested in chicken coops you should know that the prefabricated models will cost you anywhere between five hundred and one thousand dollars. Yet if you are good with building things and you would like to build your own chicken coop, below you will find some great chicken coop ideas.

Retrofit Coop

This idea can save you a lot of cash if you will choose to retrofit a structure which will eventually be called ""home"" by your chicken. A large barn's corner, a playhouse or even a shed are great to start with. To have a coop closed in for your chicken all you need is a hardware cloth and a light duty two by two inch framing.

You can just cut a hatch in order for your chicken to access the yard and design a simple door which you'll cover with a hardware cloth and your design is complete. You need to ensure that each of your chickens has plenty of space to move freely (two square feet) and that the ground under your coop won't pose any problems in regards to cleaning. That is why it's recommended to use linoleum, concrete or dirt.

Chicken Tractor

If you want you can also build a chicken tractor which is small and also portable. Practically it's a semi circle of cattle panel that's going to be bent into a semi circle. Eventually you will have to take a base wooden frame and have the cattle panel attached to its sides.

After this you will just have to have the front enclosed and not forget about including an access door, while the back will have to be closed with hardware or lumber cloth. The coop will have to be covered using a tarp because this way chicken are going to stay warmer in the cold seasons, safe from the sun and dry. If you need to fertilize a few areas on your landscape, just move the tractor to your desired areas.

Chicken Feeders

Using a three or four inch piece of Polyvinyl chloride pipe, cut a doorway or notch around two inches high at its base and around 1/3 of the Polyvinyl chloride pipe's circumference. Using two screws, you will have to screw the pipe's uncut side at one side and three inches above the bottom of the pipe to the inside of a five inch sewer cap.

Next you will need to have a hole cut close to the top of the three or four inch pipe. This is going to be used as a hanger in the coop. The feeder will now have to be hung at the chickens' back height so they can eat from it. Lastly, to ensure the chickens are hydrated properly, you will have to have a large bottle of water hung as previously mentioned.

These are just some of the chicken coop ideas you will be able to use when designing your own chicken coops. If you consider any of them make sure you are careful throughout the building process and the results will be amazing!"

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