What You Must Know Before Buying a Yellow Labrador Retriever

"Labrador Retrievers have been regarded by many as the best all-around dogs. Their cheerful and playful temperament makes them wonderful household pets. They can be aggressive guard dogs if necessary, especially towards unwanted company. Their adaptability has found them a number of useful duties in the military, in police departments, and in rescue organizations. Labradors are even reported to have saved many owners and other people from life-threatening situations.

Labrador Retrievers come in three main color groups: Black, Chocolate, and Yellow. The Black Labrador has solid black fur while that of a Chocolate Lab could be either medium or dark brown. The Yellow Labrador has proven to be more popular among dog owners than its darker contemporaries, though not overly so, partly because its fur has more in terms of color variations. In spite of the name, the color of a Yellow Lab's fur could be anywhere between light cream and a light shade of brown that has been termed as ""fox-red.""
What You Must Know Before Buying a Yellow Labrador Retriever

Quite interestingly, a Yellow Labrador may come from the same purebred litter as would a Black or a Chocolate Labrador. Even if you have both a male and female Yellow Labrador at home and they decide to start a family, don't expect all the puppies to have the same fur color as their mom and dad. Genes are the deciding factor in this case and any combination of colors among the puppies in the litter is possible even if the parents are of the same color.

Yellow Labs come in two different types. Field line Yellow Labs move very swiftly, making them ideal hunting and sporting dogs, while show line Yellow Labs are not as active but are generally better-behaved. Owners of Yellow Labs are advised to see to it that their dogs, whether field line or show line, get plenty of exercise. Yellow Labs have a life expectancy of 15 years so making sure they get the right exercise-as well as a proper diet-will guarantee their reaching old age. This is especially important for those who want to have a Yellow Lab as a long-term household companion. Taking your Yellow Lab out for long walks every day will suffice, but if your dog has a large enough playing area in your home or nearby, you may regularly bring him or her there to run around freely.

Yellow Labs are just as intelligent as Black and Chocolate Labs, therefore making them very easy to train compared to most other breeds. Training them is vital because their inborn curiosity can and will get them into mischief unless they are properly conditioned. They also have a habit of gnawing to pieces anything they could lay their paws on so it is also recommended that there be chewable toys at home and always within their reach. Not only will this simple measure spare your clothes, shoes, and upholstery from being ripped to shreds, it will also lessen the risk of your Yellow Lab ingesting small objects that are dangerous to his or her health such as iron nails, batteries, coins, and even household chemicals."

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