What Rules Apartments Have Regarding Pets

"Locating an apartment that accepts dogs in Houston can be a difficult process. It really is more difficult to find an apartment community that will not accept dogs and cats. Cats are in fact accepted at almost all apartment communities. Cats are not really a problem for the community. They don't cause many issues that a dog will. 

 However, apartments will institute various rules before they accept a dog. Dog's weights can fluctuate from ten pounds to over one hundred. Also dogs can also bite and injure fellow tenants. Actually when it comes down to deciding whether a community will accept your dog, there are two specific criteria your pet must meet. 
What Rules Apartments Have Regarding Pets

 Pet Weight 

 Each and every apartment community will set a pet maximum. Every now and then renters can find an community that will have an unlimited weight. But for the most part weight limits are specified in the lease contract. For example, Camden properties usually have a pet maximum of 99 pounds. Many renters will actually end of leasing at a Camden property due to the fact that their other choices are limited. 

 Many renters don't understand that large dogs can scratch hardwood flooring and damage apartment homes in other ways. Stained concrete flooring is actually a plus for your large dog as the flooring is not easily scratched and makes easy for clean ups. One may also encounter a situation where the pet weighs a few pounds over the maximum. Don't worry too much as apartment communities will not weigh your dog. However if the pet is 10 or 15 pounds over the limit, this may be of a concern. 

 Breed Type 

 If the pet falls under an aggressive breed, it will be declined immediately. Aggressive breeds include Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Pet Bulls etc. Many renters are upset at the fact that the apartment community will not accept their pet. But don't take this personally. 

 This rule is usually handed down from the corporate office and is a way for the community to avoid any litigation. Aggressive breeds are labeled this way for a reason. And it's not taken on a case by case basis. And don't try and sneak your pet in. The apartment community may evict you. And this is the last item one needs on their credit report. With an eviction on your credit report you will have a difficult time leasing an apartment in the future."

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