Some Suggestions For Healthy Dog Treats

"Any loving pet owner will know that the right food treats are required for dogs. Most owners are already contended with fat filled table scraps such as pork meat, cheese and bacon yet they are very dangerous when it comes to a dog's health. That is why there are healthy dog treats which are approved not only to improve your pet's hair but also his health. There are various types of meals for each type of breed. Some of them are based on vegetables while others are various treats. If you want your lovable pet to live long then try to provide the best treats.

The reality about healthy dog treats is that they are essential in a dog's meal. They are not only used as a motivational tool for pets but they also spice up your pet's meal. For instance, if you plan to train your pet to get your newspaper you can use treats in order to entice him to obey you. The only problem with dog treats today is that most of them are actually loaded with sugar and fat. Several commercial brands have applied such ingredients in order to make their products irresistible to dogs. Since they are filled with sugar, you can expect that your pet will be having a caloric breakdown so remember to choose the right dog treats for your pet.
Some Suggestions For Healthy Dog Treats

One of the best treats which you can give to your pet is natural foods made from organic ingredients. Yes, you can actually make your own pet treats. Everyday ingredients such as celery, yams and green beans can be used so that your canine companion will have a crunchy treat. However, if you plan to make your own version of healthy dog treats then remember to avoid sugar, chocolates, onions, grapes, raisins and even garlic since they can literally make your pet sick. It is true that most pets will avoid vegetables yet they will often eat it when they do not have a choice. You only need to make the treats look delicious and refreshing. For instance, during summer you can use ingredients such as apples, watermelon and kiwi. You can then apply several ice cubes with the treat so that your pet will be able to cool off.

Your table scraps can also be used as doggy treats. During mealtime, you can bring your pet next to your kitchen table and let him have the scraps. Remember though that not all table scraps are ok for your pooch. Leave out ingredients which are filled with sugar and fat such as chicken and pork skins. Large bones should also be avoided since they can actually crack and damage the back molar of your pet. They may also accidentally swallow the splinters causing them to choke or to become irritated.

If you are having problems with your pet's diet then you can actually ask your vet about a prescription meal. You can also use several canned foods as treats just as long as you use a cheese slicer and remove at least ?? inch from your ingredients. Some vegetables can be cooked to about 300 degrees until they are crispy. Never use lard or cooking oil for making treats, instead you can just cook the vegetables through an oven. Once they become crispy your pets will surely love the treats."

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