Looking For Havanese Puppies For Sale? Find out why our Havanese puppies may be perfect for your family

"Find out why our Havanese puppies may be perfect for your family. We started raising Havanese when our children were small, almost ten years ago. We thought it would be a creative way for our children to learn about business. Well, our kids have grown - and so has the family business! 

 Why the Havanese? 

 We chose the Havanese because they are a small, sturdy dog with lots of character. We love that they don't shed and they don't irritate our allergies because they don't produce dander. These dogs also do well in warm temperatures, which is perfect for our Georgia location. As a good family dog, it has been a great experience having these adorable puppies come and go throughout the years. 

 And boy, do they go! We often have more demand than we have puppies for sale each season! 

 Puppy Delivery 

 We love sharing the joy of owning one of these great dogs. That's one reason why we've committed to hand-delivering each puppy that is sold. No matter the location, we promise to personally accompany your puppy to his new home - whether that be in Texas, Florida, the North East, or any one of 10 countries we've visited. The safety and security of your new puppy is that important to us. 

 Interested in getting first pick of the litter? You can sign up now to get on our ""Preferred Customer List."" A $200 deposit will save your place. 

 Interested in seeing some of our current puppies for sale? Check out our Pups and Pics page to see who's waiting for a home. 

 Breeder's Guarantee 

 Finding the right breeder for your Havanese puppies is an important decision. You will want to find someone who will guarantee a quality puppy. Many breeders only guarantee a replacement if the puppy is not a good match for your family. 

 We like to go the extra mile here at Noah's Little Ark. 

 Like most breeders, we offer a free puppy replacement. Because we believe that we offer some of the best puppies in the world, we also offer to insure your puppy's health. What we mean is that we will cover any surgeries required to correct congenital problems. We cover up to the amount that you paid for your little bundle. Take just a moment to read more about our Health Guarantee here. 

 Contact Us 

 We look forward to meeting you. If you are interested in one of our dogs, or if you have any questions about us or the breed, please don't hesitate to contact Duane: duane@."

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