Rocky Adventure - Something For The Dark

"Can you see me now?  I stared outside into the dwindling twilight. It seems that yesterday, at this exact same time- evening walkies, the sky was a little brighter. The old man loves to go out about this time for the cooler weather, which has definitely caught a chill in the air. 

 As for me, the night light isn't as good as that bright bulb in the sky. The moon crosses over and brightens the eve, but not near as much as it should. But, we still manage our walkies for the eve. The old man has his night-light and I've got some business to address. 

 These evening walks aren't really as long as the morning ones though. Mostly, they're just to say hello to the neighbors, deliver a few messages of mine, and pick up some paper ones for the old man as well. For the most part, it's all about taking care of business. And it needs to be done daily. 

 Oddly, this eve has met with an odd turn of events. While I've never quite worried about seeing in the dark, which makes no difference to my nose, I never quite thought about how others see in the dark. The old man uses the night light to spot dangers, and I use my nose to make sure we get where we're going. It has never occurred to me that there are others out in the night too. 

 And so we introduce the blinding lights. They're bright and definitely heading straight for us. A car swerves away from the pair of us, pulling the wind with it. It honks and I bark a warning while retreating back to the old man who quickly scoops me up and moves faster than he usually would. His heart races with mine while he staggers out of the street. Normally, I wouldn't want the old man to burden himself by carrying me, but in this case, he moved faster than either one of us normally could. 

 Later I came to understand that it wasn't necessarily that the car was trying to get us, because it probably could have easily done so if it wanted to. It was more likely that it didn't know we were there. At least, that's how the old man explained it. Which brings us here- to the store. Usually, I would get a fine toy to chew up or cuddle with. But today, I get a new set of night-wear. 

 The store is crowded, and my primary focus is to talk to that pup down the aisle, but the old man insists that we try on everything in the store. First this, then that. Too big? Way to small. It may never end. The old man finally settles on a style that seems to ""bring the brightness out in my fur."" At least, that's what Christy says before she rubs that wonderful spot behind my left ear. I have to admit, I've always had an irresistible attraction about me. 

 In fact, my new wear seems to be so stylish that Buck gets one as well. Though, he doesn't like the feeling quite as much as I do. I watch as he wrestles with it, scratching a spot then nipping at the edge. 

 ""Get it off!"" Buck cried. ""It's got me for sure now!"" I watched as Buck ran circles around himself trying to get away from his own outfit. It took him a while to accept the idea that it wasn't there to hurt him, but it still offered an itching sensation which even I didn't appreciate much. There's a spot on the back which just seems to get on my nerves every once in a while. 

 Now we're here to put my outfit to the test on this dark and dimly lit part of the street. The old man opens his present box (which never seems to run out of stuff because he always gets something out of it) and the street. A few cars pass by, much slower than normal, possibly to admire my fine new attire. And sure enough, we get out in the street and everything stops for us. No near misses and no honking horns. All I can hear is the silent applause of a crowd that appreciates a pup they can see. 

 And sure, everyone else could see us now, but it's not something I would enjoy wearing every day. It's hot and itchy, and far too bright for my fur. But, when it comes to evening outings, I have to say that it sure makes for a grand entrance for a night time stage."

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