Indoor Activities for Your Dog

"If you can't take your dog out for exercise, then stay inside and play with them there. Indoor games and exercises are great for city dogs or even for those days that you can't go out. Here are a few examples. These games are also good for dogs with disabilities like ones that have DM in dogs. 

 Name game 

 Gather all your dog's plushies or soft toys and hold one of them up for them to see and sniff. Get them exited then toss it away saying ""where's the (name of the toy)?"" the objective of the game is to train your dog on how to identify their toys and how to fetch them. Make sure you give them praise if they get the command right. You can also give them treats. 

 Find it 

 Command the dog to stay or sit. Show it a small treat or toy where it sees it and say find it. Your dog will naturally get the toy or treat. Once it gets used to the command, you can place the treat or toy somewhere it needs to look for it, like under the table or chair. Just make sure it sees you hiding it. 

 Stairway game 

 Stay at the bottom of a staircase, command that dog to stay or sit and then throw one of their favorite toys above the stairs. Command it to get or fetch and watch it dash up the staircase to grab his toy. Remember to command the dog to release or drop the toy once it runs back to you. This exercise is good for dogs that need to work on their balance and strength, like dogs with DM in dogs. Take it nice and slow and you might need to support that dog if it has a hard time climbing up. You can also toss the toy 

 Clean up 

 You can actually teach your dog how to clean their toys up after they play with them. Just prepare a box where you can store their toys and tell them to fetch and drop their toys in the box one by one. Keep giving them treats and praises when they place their toys in. 

 These are just a few games you can play with your dog indoors. Although a good jog or walk is still the best form of exercise, you can still keep your dog entertained and active while you're inside."


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