How to Use an Electronic Dog Training Collar

"Did you get your puppy so that it could help you with the laundry or mow the lawn? Well, it's time to set you straight. Those kinds of tasks are way out of their wheelhouse. Sure you can train them to sit on a surfboard, but getting them to help you change sparkplugs ain't ever going to happen.

There are tasks they can be taught to perform. One way to drive the point home is to bring in the help that electronic remote training collar can offer. It's a safe and effective way to reinforce a behavior. Realizing that your mutt is easily distracted, an electronic collar will redirect their attention to the matter at hand.

How it works is by remote control. Your dog's no dummy. They realize if you're not around, the heck with what you want them to do. By using an electronic collar, this battery-driven device reminds them that being out of sight doesn't necessarily mean out of mind. The remote control transmits a signal to the collar which gives the animal a very, very light zap.
How to Use an Electronic Dog Training Collar

Let's get down to the nitty gritty

Before you collar it on your pal, put in the batteries and attach the device on your left bicep. Pull out the instructions. Read how it works. Occasionally give yourself the jollies and zap that arm.

Now that you've had your fun, connect the collar to your dog's neck. Certain types have little prongs that should touch the dog's skin. Just make sure when you attach the device you don't hurt your best friend.

Power it up and give them a little stimulus. See how the canine reacts. Nothing? Slowly crank it up until you see that the dog is getting a little juice.

Now that you've found the sweet spot, try using some commands that your dog understands. Does the dog know what ""sit"" means? If so, ask them to sit. If they don't respond, give them a taste of the electronic collar. If they get it right, hand-out some praise and move on to something they're not too good with.

You can also use the electronic collar to remind them that they are engaged in bad behavior. Do they dig holes in the backyard? Let the dog outside. Keep an eye on the mutt, but be discreet. You don't want your pet to see you. Once they start to scrape-away at the dirt, zap them. By staying out of sight, you're teaching them that the bad behavior has a funky consequence.

Using an electronic collar should never be employed to punish the dog. You never want to injure the poor thing. Don't hit the power button repeatedly. Never hold it down for more than a few seconds. Remember when you had the collar on your arm? Let your memory, your sense of ethics, your morality and your conscience be your guide when you're using this tool. Are you a natural sadist? Then back away from the electronic collar. Seek professional help immediately."

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