Basic Dog Care For Newbie Dog Owners

"For thousands of years, men and dogs have been working and living together side by side. Amongst all domesticated animals, dogs are known for their loyalty and unconditional love for their owners. Their protective basic instincts would make them risk their own lives for their beloved owners if danger threatens them. Today, almost everyone has a pet dog that they love and take care of. However, some people are still new to the responsibilities of taking care of a dog. They still do not know the basic things to do and how they should handle their pet. Here is the most basic proper care and needs that dogs have.
Basic Dog Care For Newbie Dog Owners

Bathing and grooming

Giving your pet dog a bath is important to keep it clean. Dogs are given a bath once or twice a month. Do not over bath them since this strips down the natural oils found on their skin. After you give them a bath, make sure you dry them off completely. If you can't give it a bath, wipe them down with a wet towel. Brushing their fur down also helps keep them clean without having to give them a bath. Dogs that have long, dense coats are a bit more challenging to clean compared to the ones with shorter fur. If the dog is ill and cannot move around, like in dm in dogs, assist them carefully when you are cleaning them.

Health Care

Like humans, dogs will need regular visits to the vet for vaccinations and physical examinations. Taking them to the vet will also detect any illnesses that cannot be seen when they are still puppies, such as dm in dogs. If you can't take regular visits, you can always check the dog's body yourself. Start with their ears, teeth and mouth. Examine the pads of their paws for any cuts or injuries. Go through their coat for parasites like ticks and fleas. Also observe their behavior. If they are acting strangely, becoming less active or eating less, this could be signs that your dog is not feeling well.


A balanced diet should be a main priority. Making sure that your dog is eating healty will not only keep them fit, it can also minimize the chances of it developing illnesses in the future. Naturally, dogs need a lot of protein in their diet. But mix it up with vegetables to give it more nutrients. You can also give it dog food but these may contain synthetic vitamins and minerals."

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