Cultivating Dog Walking Mannerisms

"It is also an essential way of exercising for you and your dog. Despite the importance attached to walking dogs and all its relevance, many still find it difficult to consistently embrace it. The main reason for the unpopularity among many people has to do with their dogs' behavior during such walks. The desire of every pet owner is to have a well-mannered pet that is fun rather than frustrating to walk with. When doing anything in relation to the training and walking your pet, avoid anything that might cause pain to your pet. One of the purposes of the whole practice is to create a relationship between the two of you. 

 Using such tactics is not only cruel but will prevent your relationship from blossoming. Dog training and walking should therefore be executed in a way that will ensure that unnecessary pain is not caused and the dog is not made to fear. Prong collars and choke chains should be avoided as they instill fear in your pet. Alternatively, flat collars can be used for training and walks as they are more comfortable than the other options. With this in place, one will be sure that they will get the best from their dog in the walks. Like human being, pet's need motivation to keep doing things right. This is why it is important that you reinforce the good things your dog does during the walks by giving them rewards. There are certain targets that you can put for your dog during the walks. One dog walking target has to do with how close the pet walks with you. 

 If your pets walks close enough to you, you can reward it by giving treats. This will not only reinforce the good act but help in giving your pet dinner during the walk. There are numerous ways that you can use to motivate you pet to continue a good deed. These reinforcements should include their favorite toys, treats and playing times. The length of leash should always depend on the level the dog has reached in terms of training or walking. To prevent pulling of the leash, get your dogs to be used to a specific length. This implies that a retractable leash is not the best option when training a dog. Instead, the dog should be restricted to a specific length until the dog learns the distance it should keep from you during the walks. Dog walking is much easier if it knows its limit despite the length of leash you will be using. This is because it will be well aware of what you expect of it. If your dog insists on pulling the leash, try and maintain your ground."

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