5 Secret Seo Tricks-finally Someone Revealed It!

"Yep, it's well into the evening and my phone has been ringing off the wall, but that's just the life of the on line marketer abd recruiter Now anyone in the network marketing or MLM world realizes that?s no big deal, right. I?m a team player and I support my peeps, but when it is the same associate asking the same questions over and over, needless to say it can become frustrating, but I digress.

With a frustrated tone he said, he has followed our step by step process and training and just can?t get his website to rank any higher or bring the grade up whatsoever. My first question to him was ?what was the last thing you posted in your blog?? I think I knew the problem by his response?he had none, he could not remember the last post or change he had made. He thought his last post was 3 weeks ago approximately

So, I took him back to the 5 Secret SEO Tricks-Class 101:

 In the Beginning Target Long Tailed Keywords-Starting out in this business can be frustrating to say the least. When you are shooting for going the route of article or video marketing, having a site that ranks well is half the battle Competing with the big boys who can afford to pour huge amounts of money into web master and blog services that just specialize in Secret SEO Tricks, well is like banging your head against the wall.  Blog & Website Navigation-Most people just pay this no mind whatsoever. Why? Probably because unless you are the techie type, it can be a royal pain and also overwhelming to boot if you are doing it yourself.Yahoo, Google and other search engines's spiders have a reputation to be on the cantankerous side. Many simply don't take a liking to images, streaming videos or anything to do with Flash or presentations on a website.A good rule of thumb is if your site takes more than 3-4 seconds to start loading, you're doing it wrong. Most people won't wait these days.  Search Engines Love Links-Outbound links will show the spiders your not just an everyday company replicated site. It proves to them that your site has some value and that you?re playing the game like it should be played.|Inbound and Outbound Links are Like Gold-This will set your blog or site apart from the millions out there that are simply co. replicated sites that have absolutely no value and no chance of ever ranking very high in the SEO game.

You are not just a *skeleton* of a site.

Inbound links they love as long as they come from reputable sources. Too many people waste time getting links from every Tom, Dick & Harry site in the beginning, and don?t get me wrong inbound links are like gold, but only when they come from higher ranking sources. It simply lets them know that your site has value and much to offer in the way of relevant content, and that's what they look for.  New Original Content-One of the mistakes I made starting out was that I was only making posts that were directly related to my industry or niche and I wasn?t making them often enough. People need a reason to come back and catchy content and sometimes just a consistent flow will do it. Also, the fact that every time a search engine crawls your site and sees the amount of good, recurring content, well you?ve heard the saying, content is king, right?  Inbound Links That are not Related-Remember we just spoke about relevant content. Well, this leads directly into this area. The spiders don't want to see inbound links from a soccer site coming into yours that is about miniature horses. If your site theme is mainly about miniature beagle puppies and breeders and you just purchased 1000 links from a link service that all came from the same site not related to dogs, dog food, breeders, or something related, then Google?s horn will start sounding and you may find yourself getting slapped around by the Google Gods.

Well, after about 30 minutes, I had him feeling more comfortable and convinced once again that this is important stuff. Working In the private sector, many times when a problem arises, it becomes hard to identify the source of the issue. But, when you have an on line business, regardless the nature, you can undoubtedly point the finger right back at yourself when something doesnt go as planned, and that's what I love about it. Total personal control of business decisions and outcome."

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