Who Invented the First Telegraph in the World? History Of Telegraph in the World - Biography of Samuel Thomas von Sömmering

Perhaps you have often heard or read in other literature that the inventor of the first telegraph was Samuel Morse in 1837, but after I read on Wikipedia it turns out that the inventor of the first telegraph was Samuel Thomas von Sömmering in 1809. It happened probably because Samuel Morse had made a telegraph machine electric and Morse Code. before I will tell you first biography SWamuel Morse:

Samuel Finley Breese Morse born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA, on April 27, 1791 - died in New York City, New York, USA, April 2, 1872 at the age of 80 years. He was an American inventor. Morse is also a painter, but he is more famous for the invention of the electrical telegraph. Together with his assistant Alexander Bain he created a special alphabet for use in the telegraph, called Morse code.

Samuel MorseThe idea of ​​an electric telegraphy he discovered when he saw a passenger on a ship he was flying with demonstrated an electromagnet. Morse produced the first useful electric telegraph in 1835. In 1843 he earned $ 30,000 from Congress for the experimental route from Washington, DC to Baltimore and on May 24, 1844 he sent the first message via American telegraph, from Washington to Baltimore, with Morse code: "What hath God wrought", the words in the message are, "What has the Lord written?"

Morse lived to the elderly. He had witnessed telegraph lines installed throughout the world including submarine cables. On his eighty birthday. A statue of himself was unveiled at Central Park, New York in recognition of his services. A year later he died. 

Telegraph history 

Samuel Thomas von Sömmering first electrical telegraph was invented by Samuel Thomas von Sömmering in 1809. Then in 1832, Baron Schilling made the first electrical telegraph. Carl Friedrich Gaussand Wilhelm Weber was the first to use an electric telegraph for a fixed communication device in 1833 in Göttingen. The first commercial telegraph was created by William Fothergill Cooke and marketed on Great Western Railway in England. The telegraph was patented in England in 1837. The telegram was shipped at a distance of 13 miles / 21 km from Paddington station to West Drayton and commenced on 9 April 1839.
Who Invented the First Telegraph in the World? History Of Telegraph in the World - Samuel Thomas von Sömmering

In 1843, a Scottish inventor, Alexander Bain, discovered a device that could be said to be the first facsimile machine. He called his invention the "recording telegraph" (teleraf recorder). Telegraph found Bain is able to transmit images using electric wire. In 1855, an Italian monk, Giovanni Caselli, also made an electrical telegraph that could transmit messages. Caselli named this discovery as "Pantelegraph". Pantelegraf has been successfully used and accepted as a telegraph channel between the city of Paris and Lyon.

An electrical telegraph, first freely discovered and patented in the United States in 1837 by Samuel FB Morse. His assistant, Alfred Vail, created a morse code that symbolized the letters with Morse. The first American telegraph was delivered by Morse on January 6, 1838 through a 2 mile / 3 km wire at Speedwell Ironworks near Morristown, New Jersey. The message read "A patient waiter is no loser" and on May 24, 1844, he sent a message "What God has created" from the Old Supreme Court Chamber in the Building DPR in Washington to Mt. Clare Depot in Baltimore Morse / Vail telegraph was quickly deployed in the next two decades.

Cross-Atlantic cable began to be tried in 1857, 1858, and 1865. Cable in 1957 only operated several times. The first commercial telegraph cable capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean was completed on 18 July 1866. 

Australia was the world's first liaison in October 1872 through an undersea telegraph in Darwin. This creates new news for the world. Subsequent telegraph technological advances occurred in the early 1970s, when Thomas Edison invented the "full duplex two-way telegraph" and doubled its capacity by finding the guadruplex in 1874. Edison enrolled it in US patenting and duplex telegraph successfully patented on 1 September 1874.

The development of telegraphs

Early in 1830, electrical telegraphs evolved with the use of electrical voltage to control the electromagnet being heard at the ends of transmission. Limitations of technology at that time was the result of sending the code through the cable can not print. Then, the electrical telegraph is developed using an electromagnet receiver. With an electromagnet receiver, Morse code can be translated to the listener in written form. (Wikipedia source)

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