Who Invented the First telephone in the World? History Of First telephone in the World - Biography of Antonio Meucci

Who Invented the First telephone in the World? History Of First telephone in the World -Antonio Meucci. Over a century and all over the world, Alexander Graham Bell is known as the inventor of the telephone. Bell is commonly known as the inventor of the 1876 phone in the United States, but according to the US Congress in June 2002 determined that Antonio Meucci was the one who invented the phone. Although Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone, he never called his wife and mother because they were deaf. 

Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci was born in San Frediano, April 13, 1808, He is an Italian inventor whose invention is a modern means of communication that is very much needed by today's society for the social life of the telephone.

Generally the inventor of a telephone known to the public is Alexander Graham Bell, but it seems that history must be rewritten because it is an immigrant from Florence (Florence), Italy named Antonio Meucci who invented the phone in 1849 and patented his work in 1871. 

Antonio Meucci

Antonio Meucci born in 1808 in San Frediano, near the town of Firenze. He graduated from the Firenze Academy of Arts, then worked at Teatro della Pergola until 1835, and was then offered a job at Teatro Tacon in Havana, Cuba and immigrated there with his wife.

In his spare time Antonio Meucci likes to investigate things and create new things without despair. Meucci has developed a way of using electric shocks to heal illness and become popular by it. 

The invention of the telephone

In 1850, Antonio Meucci moved to Staten Island, New York. At that time he fell into poverty, but still refined the device he had invented: the telephone. Due to his severe illness and difficult economy, his wife was forced to sell some of his creations for only six dollars for medical expenses.

After healed, Meucci worked hard day and night to re-create his tools. In 1871, due to not enough money to pay for a phone patent, he paid only a temporary patent that was valid for a year and had to be extended the following year. 

Meucci tries to demonstrate the potential of this "talking telegraph" and brings the model and all its particulars to the deputy chairman of the Western Union telegraph company. Every time Meucci was about to meet the deputy chairman, Edward B.Grant always said that he had no time. Two years later, when Meucci called back all the phone material at the company, it turned out they were just saying they had "disappeared."

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell bears the name as the inventor of the telephone. After Meucci found out, he called a lawyer to protest to the US Patent Office in Washington. Meucci suffered a defeat in this case. After the hostilities between Alexander Graham Bell and Western Union it was revealed that Bell had previously agreed to pay twenty percent of the commercial profit for his "invention" for 17 years to Western Union. 

Antonio Meucci died on October 18, 1889 at the age of 81 years. (Wikipedia )

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