Top Five Riding Lessons Through Professionals

"Learning horse riding must be an exciting experience for anyone who loves adventure. You must be passionate about horses in the first place when you look for a horse ride program. Riding horse although not very difficult, is not child's play at all. One needs to know all that tricks and techniques to learn how to ride a horse properly.

You And The Horse

Did you ever know that you must build a friendly rapport with the horse before riding on it? The first lesson that your trainer may teach you is that every rider should develop a fondness with the animal first before riding on the horse. Moreover, you may not ride the same horse every day. You ought to know thus how to communicate mutely with the animal you want to ride.

Injury Management Priority

One disaster about the horseback riding lessons is that innumerable learners injure them many ways while learning riding. The most common injury in this learning process occurs when a learner falls down from the horseback while riding the horse. Hence, learning horseback riding safely should be the major objective of every learner. Some precautions can surely protect a person from any preventing accident. Moreover, when you are able to establish friendliness with the horse, it is least likely behaving rude to you. Just for information, around 73, 576 people were injured and were hospitalized due to horseback riding sessions last 2005. National electronic surveillance survey or NEISS brings forth this report to public. After knowing this disastrous accident figure, you must feel keen knowing how you can take on such a learning program safely avoiding injuries.

So, here are some horse riding safety guidelines for you. The tips would surely help you in minimizing the risks and enjoying your new learning programs to an optimum extent.

Tip 1: Put on your helmet first when you want to ride the horse. Helmet is the basic safety standard every rider should abide by during a riding program.

Tip2: Pick comfort fit attires for horseback riding lessons. The clothes should be neither taut nor baggy. Choose a shoe having low heel. Keep your heels downwards. This posture of the heel keeps you secured even when the horse spooks.

Tip3: Before you ride on a horse, make sure that all the riding equipment are in proper status. You must ensure that the stirrups and the saddle are appropriate for you. You might not comfortable riding when these equipment are not adjustable. If the course is for your kid, arrange for extra safety.

Tip4: Choose a flat and open area for riding if you are a beginner. For the first few days, ask your trainer to be around you. The learning environment should be calm so that the horse does not react frenziedly. You may feel tempt for those stunts and jumps but avoid practicing such unless and until you become a veteran.

Tip5: If you feel like falling from the horse, always try to fall away from the horse when you hit the earth. The hoofs also injure many learners."

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