End With The Cholesterol And The Kilos In Surplus Without Medicament (section Ii)

"Fish: Fish is ignored. Is this the practice Judeo-Christian which makes that one eat up fish that Friday? Is this a question of sometimes smell or freshness slandered? Is this the worth?

It is undoubtedly the combination of these factors, elements which explains this paucity of passion for the fishery merchandise. And yet, the fish has in one'possession an exceptional food value, being as rich in proteins as the meat but containing only fats of first-class quality.
If the thin fishes are of course very good for your treatment, it is all the same their letters of nobility.

We highly advise you to consume three times per week at least of them. And much more if you love it!

Of course, a certain gourmets will advance that it is the sauce which makes eat fish!. It is undoubtedly exact. But there are well some thin sauce receipts being able to accompany fish.

Sea food: Watch out, if all the fish are your friends, it is not of same for a certain sea foods very rich in cholesterol, and thus to prevent if you have a tough time with this lipid excesses. They are conversely all adviced for a diet. 

Here is a list pointing out to you the merchandises of the sea richest in cholesterol (cholesterol degree for 100 grams of flesh): fish eggs: 300mg, oysters: 110 till 330 mg depending (in accordance with the season), lobster: 200 mg, crabs: 150 mg, mussels: 150 mg, shrimps: 140 mg.

Meat and fat material:
They are the musculature of the animals which one consumes. One perceive the white meats (poultry, calf, pig) and the red meats (sheep, bullock).
The amount| of fat embraced in the meat depends on the kind. The white meats are thin and the red meats are fatty.
An exception relates to the pig, white meat considered fatty, but whose mode of growing up is significant. If the animal is feed with corn, the fat content will be of better amount.
Certain meat fats can be eliminated easily after cooking. To get rid of the fat on the surface, it is enough to withdraw off the pelt.

If the meat comprises piece of bacon, one must also take away the flux of fat distributed in and around the piece.

But then again, the fat of a spotted meat cannot be removed. Therefore, you cannot consume any.

Amongst the red meats, the sheep is fattiest.

This index announces the content of fat and cholesterol of the foremost (so as to: Meat, Fats in % and cholesterol in mg/100g): Horse: 2 and 0, Poultry: 10 and 90, Calf: 10 and 65, Beef: 20 and 100, Sheep: 25 and 70, Pork: 25 to 30 and 90.

The horse, value of excellence: Whereas in the Fifties and in France or Belgium (where I live), the meat of horse was fit for human consumption, willingly proffer to the children, we nowadays perceive practically the vanishing of the horse meat slaughterers.
It is time to give again with the equine meat the place which deserves to him, namely that of a food of excellent value, very rich in carbohydrates, almost taken away of fat, thus all adviced formerly of a diet against the cholesterol."

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