A Few Things to Know About Atopica For Dogs

"Dogs are the best as pets. They are faithful and obey their masters. This is the reason why most people choose dogs as pets over other animals. Keeping a dog as pet you can have a wonderful and rewarding experience. But when you think of having dogs as pets, not to forget that they need a lot of care and attention. Without great workout and preventative care a dog can get susceptible to various health issues. Among the most common diseases of dogs allergies are most common and Atopic dermatitis is the frequent of all. Atopica for dogs is one of the most effective ways to control this chronic allergic skin disease.
A Few Things to Know About Atopica For Dogs

A few things to know about Atopic dermatitis and Atopica:

Cause of Atopic dermatitis: This skin disease is caused by allergens like pollens or house dust. These allergens work as stimulator to exaggerate the immune response in dogs which are atopic. The diagnosis of Atopic dermatitis is based on the preliminary factors like the breed of the dog, age, environment, disease history and clinical signs. The signs of the disease which might be seasonal or non-seasonal start showing in dogs from 6 months to 3 years. The signs depend upon the environment of the pet as well as the kind of allergens involved.

Symptoms of the disease: The symptoms of the disease appear as skin lesions in the form of small red flattened or raised patches. Other signs and symptoms include, sore skin, hair loss, and darkening and thickening of the skin. The commonly affected areas are face, neck, ear, underarms, abdomen and groin.

Treatment: In case your pet is diagnosed with atopic dermatitis then the best medicine would be atopica. This is taken orally and is a form of cyclosporine. Cyclosporine is the active ingredient of Atopica which has 11 different amino acids that help to modulate the immune system of your pet. Since Atopic dermatitis is chronic and recurrent, lifelong management is required to keep it under control. The most advanced form of treatment for this disease is atopica. Atopica for dogs is available in the form of capsule which contains the active ingredient Cyclosporine A. In atopic dermatitis Atopica performs anti-itch and anti-inflammatory activities. Atopicafor dogs thus reduces inflammation and itching that are part of atopic dermatitis disease.

Dosage of atopica: In the initial stage Atopica is given on a daily basis until a satisfactory medical improvement is visible. The improvements start seeing within four weeks. In cases where there are no such improvements within first eight weeks treatment needs to be stopped immediately.

If there are medical signs of the disease being satisfactorily controlled, Atopica is advised as a maintenance dose on alternate days. When alternate day dosage works well the treatment is given every 3 to 4 days. Consultation with veterinarian is necessary for fixing the dosage for Atopica. For successful treatment of Atopic dermatitis advice of your veterinarian is important.

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