Things You Should Know When Purchasing a Personalized Dog Collar Online

"The following offers need-to-know information on ordering personalized collars online for your dog.

Buy Products Made in the United States of America

In a day and age where outsourcing is the norm, it's getting harder and harder to find products made inside the United States. And some would argue that many products such as dog collars that are produced outside of the US are not of the same quality you would expect from a product made within our borders. That said, when you buy a dog collar, make sure it has that ""Made in the USA"" tag on it!

Do Not Accept Anything Less Than an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

Everyone knows that eventually a personalized dog collar will wear out. And it stands to reason that you can lengthen the useful life of your dog's collar by taking proper care of it. That means washing it from time to time and making sure you take care to follow the directions provided when doing so. However, sometimes dog collars will fall apart due to manufacturer defects. One example might be a fastener that breaks when you are removing the collar. With this in mind, when you buy a personalized dog collar online, you need to make sure there is a lifetime unconditional warranty. That way if you run into defects now or 5 years from now, you can get a replacement with no problem. Why not protect your investment?

If You Look for Free Shipping, You Can Find It

Certain reputable personalized dog collar providers will periodically offer free shipping on their products. You might try searching for them with keywords such as ""personalized dog collar free shipping"" and things like that. Keep in mind, often these free shipping offers are for orders that will ship in the United States. So if you are overseas, you may unfortunately find yourself out of luck.

Matching Leads Are Typically Available

One of the main reasons in the first place for a dog to wear a collar is so you can take him on a walk. That being said, if you are going out of your way to purchase a personalized dog collar, why not complete the look? You can do so by ordering a complementary lead. This lead can either have the exact same pattern as the collar, or simply have colors that match. Remember, you wouldn't wear clashing close, so why let your pooch?

You Don't Have to Monogram the Dog's Name If You Don't Want To

When it comes to monogramming a personalized dog collar, many people hold to the belief that it needs to be the dog's name on the collar. Not true. In fact, there is no limit, other than number of characters, to what you can monogram on a personalized dog collar. You could put your own name to show ownership. You could put your phone number in case your pooch gets lost. You could put a nickname you like to call your pet. Or perhaps you might try a funny saying that speaks of your dog's personality; something like ""bad to the bone"" or ""pretty in pink."" The possibilities are endless, so make sure you step outside of the box when you're deciding on your dog collar customization."

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