The Advantages of Having a Guard Dog

"These are difficult times. With the shaky economy and large-scale layoffs, it has become increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Things are improving slowly but desperate people who are struggling to survive can do desperate and dangerous things. You cannot really blame a hungry person trying to invade your home for a bite of food. But every thief does not have noble intentions and your family's safety in mind when they invade your home. You have to protect yourself and your family and German watchdogs are the primary way to go about it. 

 Why Only German Watchdogs? Why Not Bulldogs or Alsatians? Every variety of dogs can be bread and trained to protect a home. Some families buy and train Doberman Pinschers, Siberian Huskies, Beagles, Labradors and the Great Danes to watch over their homes. But one of the most popular and beautiful breeds that are commonly used for industrial, police and commercial security are German Shepherds. German shepherds are a very beautiful dog breed that can be trained to do a variety of security and protection jobs. The large pointy nose and ears and lovely shaded coat make them wonderful as pets as well. This breed is also extremely patient and calm around excitable children and noisy adults. This can be a huge advantage as noise and over activity can cause aggression and snappiness in breeds like Bulldogs, Pit bulls, Alsatians etc. German shepherds were bred to be herders and herd protectors and they developed a calm temperament, a patient nature but an aggressive protection to deal with their job. 

 Puppy or dog? If you have a family, you can buy a puppy or fully-grown and trained German watchdogs. Puppies are great if you have the time and patience to train and care for them. However, for immediate protection, it's far better to invest in fully grown and trained German watchdogs. Dogs not really need to be trained in protection. Protection is a very strong instinct that is deeply embedded in their brain. Good training and an expert trainer streamlines this aggression and actually teaches them how to understand what you, as the pet owner wants from them. Most dog trainers recommend that you purchase your dog or your puppy from a registered trader like German Shepherd Watchdogs LLC. Registered companies like German Shepherd Watchdogs LLC offer a range of amenities like: 

 It may seem like overkill to buy fully-trained police-grade German watchdogs for your family, right? Consider this though: When you are at work or far away from your spouse and children, wouldn't you be happier know that these same fully-trained police-grade German watchdogs are protecting them? Well-worth the cost, I would say!"

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